A reporter’s weight gain confession, and why carbs are not my friend

Thanksgiving is over and I’m kind of glad it is behind us. My first Thanksgiving in Haleyville in many years turned out to be a sad one. My grandmother got out of the hospital the day before. We certainly missed her home cooking. I know she was sad because she wasn’t able to get up, cook and serve everyone. She was, however, able to come to my mom’s house for lunch on Saturday. She is confined to a walker and it is very difficult for her to get around. So we were thrilled when she called and asked for us to pick her up and bring her to mom’s.

Friday, we had an unexpected death in the family. Monday was spent at the funeral home. It is always so heartbreaking when someone passes away. It is even worse when it happens around the holidays. Aside from that, I did enjoy being with my family. My niece Mary Beth and my nephew John spent the night on Friday. We played outside, went for a walk through the woods to pick pine cones and berries for an arrangement to put on my table, watched Duck Dynasty (my favorite show of all time) and we played a heated game of UNO with my dad. I’m proud to say I won!!!! I hope your Thanksgiving was happy and spent in the company of those you love most.

Now…let’s get to weight. Yes, I still weigh every day-religiously. Right now, my weight is 161…which means I’ve gained 5 pounds from Monday! I’m not ashamed to admit it. I don’t really get concerned about my weight as long as it remains in the 150’s. When I see 160 on the scale that is when I have to get serious. So why the weight gain? Well Tuesday, I ate a bowl of potatoes and a bowl of pasta with a Greek salad and grilled shrimp. I’m certain the potatoes and pasta is what put some of the weight on me. I’m sure the 4 cookies I had for breakfast the next morning didn’t help either (they were sugar-free but still…4 cookies!). Oh yea, I ate a hamburger and french fries with my parents after the funeral Monday. And last night, I had 2 plates of spaghetti…made with white pasta…not brown.  Why did I go overboard and eat foods I know will put weight on me?  I am certain it was a combination of things…stress being the number 1 reason. When I am worried or stressed or upset or bored out I tend to take it out on some of my favorite guilty pleasures. So what am I going to do about it? I’m certainly not going to make excuses and say I can’t get those few pounds off. I’ll cut back, make sure I am eating foods that contain a lot of protein and walk. That is the key. I’ve got to get off my behind and move around more. When the weather turns cold, I turn lazy. Not to mention I am so deeply involved in a Christmas project I don’t have time to concentrate on anything else (which is adding to my stress level).

If you ate too much during the holiday, now is the time to get back on track…before another big occasion to eat rolls around. You are not alone in your weight loss struggle. Let me tell you I get sick of dieting, weighing, measuring, scooping, skipping foods I love…etc. But I also don’t want that 184 pounds to come back. I refuse to let that happen! You should refuse to let it happen too!

My brother is down 38 pounds!! He is doing awesome! What is he doing to lose all that weight?  He eats a lot of salads, grilled meats, eggs, veggies. He also walks a few miles a day, which is key to any weight loss program. His goal is 50 pounds but I think he should stop at 40. My sister-in-law is down 16 pounds ( ladies you know it takes us longer to shed weight than it does the men). I am proud of her too!

Ok. So let’s get back on track everyone. Put down the bread, pasta, rice and pick up a green salad with some grilled meat. Throw out the soda can and replace it with diet or water. Get rid of the Thanksgiving weight before Christmas so you don’t have even more weight to get rid of at the start of the year.

Have a great day everyone!


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