Day 228-Liz Hurley Ribbon Run and peanut butter bites

I am registered for the 9th Annual Liz Hurley 5K Ribbon Run scheduled for October 20th. This will be my first time to participate and I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂 I have to buy a new pair of tennis shoes soon though. One has a hole in the bottom and my foot gets wet if it’s been raining outside.

Has the weather got you feeling bad or drug out? My friend Dawn, who is a professional trainer, posted on Facebook this morning that changes in weather can play a direct role in how you feel. She suggests a protein drink or smoothie to help boost your energy and immunity. Great tip! Thanks Dawn!

Those of you who follow my blog know just how much I love peanut butter! I eat a serving at least once a day. Usually I take care of my PB fix before I go on set at 4. It keeps me from being hungry, gives me energy and makes for an awesome high protein snack. So when my friend and co-worker Brian Fowler told me about his peanut butter protein bites I had to give them a try. I am so glad I did! I took a batch to my brother Saturday. He liked them and he can be a picky eater. They are simple to make, low in sugar and you probably have the ingredients in your pantry. **Keep in mind-as delicious and healthy as they are, they still have calories in them ** You can add dried fruit to them too. I love prunes (sounds better when you call them dried plumbs, right?) They are so delicious! I cut up a few and added them in. The prunes really bring out the taste of the peanut butter. Score!


Here’s the recipe:

* 1/2 cup honey

* 1 cup peanut butter

* 3 cups oats

* 2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa

* any combination of chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit (optional)

Mix all ingredients together and roll into balls. Chill to prevent stickiness.

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2 Responses to Day 228-Liz Hurley Ribbon Run and peanut butter bites

  1. Carolyn Durham says:

    I just made the peanut butter bites. They are wonderful!! I added the prunes, plus a few chopped walnuts. They are chillin’. I cannot wait until it is ‘time’ for a snack. I woke up this morning with a determination to ‘do something’ other than think about what I am going to do about my excess weight. Simply reading your blogs is not working. A good friend is commited with me(she is headed to the store for oats and ‘chunky’ peanut butter. She thinks the extra crunch will be more satisfying). I plan to use a lot of your good ideas. Thank you!! My b’day is Jan. 4th and I plan to be a different person!!! Carolyn

    • Carolyn-so glad you took time to make the peanut butter bites. They really are good but remember they have calories too. To keep myself honest, I drop 2 peanut butter bites each into plastic zip lock bags. I label each bag Monday-Friday (that is when I eat them). That way I don’t over eat and I don’t run out by the end of the week. If you add fruits, nuts, etc remember you are adding more calories so go easy on how many you eat a day. If you workout a lot you can eat more as they make a great protein snack after a hard workout. So proud of your determination too! You will do great 🙂 Elizabeth

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