Day 220-Happy Anniversary! Biking, and keeping a journal

Happy 47th wedding anniversary to my sweet parents, Tommy and Linda! Hope you have a great celebration and many more years of happiness together.


Saturday I finally got to go for a bike ride. In between dodging rain showers I strapped on my helmet and took off. I had planned to ride at the Greenway but my bike wouldn’t fit in my vehicle so I just hit the open road. I started off like a champ…but about a mile into it I got sick. I peddled on back to the house-green around the gills from a sudden case of nausea– for a grand total of 2 miles. Let me say I don’t think it was the ride that made me sick. I had a headache before I ever left the house.

I’ve gotten somewhat off course on my diet. I haven’t been keeping up with things as closely as I should. I haven’t been logging food and calories and I’ve skipped breakfast on more than one occasion lately. That is not a good thing either. Keeping up with my calorie/carb consumption is critical to weight loss and maintaining my weight. Failing to do so even for a short time could mean the difference in the number of safety pins used to hold up my pants! 🙂 So after some deep soul-searching, and a glance at the scales (today’s weight 159.5! Got to get that number down so I will have some wiggle room) I know what I have to do to get back on track. I have to put my mind to it and make sure I am accountable for everything I do. Somedays I just get tired of being a responsible adult 🙂

Did I mention I now keep a journal–on real paper– about my diet? I not only keep track of my weight and what I eat but it allows me to vent my frustrations and pencil in my accomplishments. Social media is great but sometimes there’s no app for good old-fashioned privacy 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


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One Response to Day 220-Happy Anniversary! Biking, and keeping a journal

  1. Darlene says:

    It will definitely throw you for a loop if you get off course and get a little careless. I have journaled
    my food intake, how much fat, fiber and calories for quite sometime. It really helps me to stay
    focused. It is – not a diet – but a lfiestyle change, otherwise I like food too well and will think just
    once won’t hurt…………..the first time I slip up and let it past my lips, it sits on my hips……
    Sorry you weren’t feeling well….hope you are all better now…

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