Day 216-Where will my weight loss journey take me?

I do a lot of research when it comes to food, calories, carbs, exercise and overall good nutrition. I read a lot of materials and websites to educate myself on feeling good and looking good. I have apps on my cellphone that I use to calculate, log and track my progress and, of course, my downfalls. 

I was reading a weight loss blog recently that asked this question…where will my weight loss journey take me? Where will I be-weight wise-by the end of the year? What about 2013? Will I continue on a successful track or will I give up? Who will I become? How will I use this experience to help others? This has no doubt been an amazing journey. 8 months ago, I was a very self-conscious, overweight, unhappy person. Today I take good care of myself, I am happy, I like the person I see in the mirror and I have more life in this body than I have had in a long time.

The very idea of losing weight is intimidating. You start asking yourself which diet plan is best for me? What should I eat? What should I avoid? How much exercise is enough? What if I fail? Then you start making excuses. I can’t do this. I need motivation. I don’t like to exercise. I want to eat what everybody else is eating. I’m too lazy to count calories or carbs. I don’t care what I look like. Been there, done that. I had the same questions and I made the same excuses. If I had continued on that negative path I would not be where I am today. I don’t want to see pictures of me 30 pounds heavier. I don’t ever want to see double chins, fat rolls or a big rear end. That is all the motivation I need to walk away from the pitfalls.

I struggle everyday to make the best decisions possible when it comes to my health. And while I may fall from time to time I get back up and press forward. So where will my weight loss journey take me? Hopefully my path will continue forward to much greater things in life that continue to bring me much happiness, joy and love.

Where will yours take you?

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