Day 211-Size is but a number, seam it up, and my Hollywood connection

Today I have no safety pins holding up my clothes. I’m wearing a new suit I bought on my shopping spree a while back. It is a size 10 and fits beautifully. Did I just tell you my size? That is something a woman never reveals but considering how much you already know about me, size is just a number (I was in a snug 16 when I started). It is such an awesome feeling to know I am much smaller than I was at the start of the year. I will never be a size 0 or size 2. I’m not built to be that skinny. I don’t even think I want to be that thin. I would, however, like to be a size 8 again. If I could drop 10-15 more pounds I might be able to fit into an 8. Right now, I’m pleased as pudding to wear a slimmer size. I’m proud of the number I see on the scale…156 pounds. Beats the 184 that I started with. I have this one pair of pants that I keep as motivation to NEVER gain weight back. I can nearly fit both legs into one side of those pants. Yikes!

Last December I met up with 4 of my closest girlfriends for a weekend in Nashville. We had such a good time! Lord willing and the creek don’t rise we are planning another get together around the same time this year. I love these girls and it is trouble when we get together. We can go years without seeing each other and the second we get in the same room it’s like we were never apart. One thing that stands out about that trip (besides the side-splitting laughter) was that we went to see “The Rockettes” Christmas Show. We all dressed up to go out. I remember thinking “I really don’t feel confident” because I knew I was over weight. 8 months later my feelings have changed. This morning,  I saw the outfit I was wearing that night hanging in the closet. I put the top on just to see how it fit. Last year, it was SNUG, like “fat roll hanging over my bra strap tight.” The “I wouldn’t dare wear this without a large jacket” kind of outfit. Today, the top alone was so big it needs a good 2-inch seam down the side. If that is not motivation, what is???? The best part of this story is that 2 of my girlfriends have lost as much weight as I have. Rhea, who was a guest blogger back in the beginning, lost nearly 40 pounds. Kris, at last report, was just past the 30 pound mark. I love these ladies no matter what size they are but it is good to know we are taking care of ourselves and trying to have the healthiest and best body image possible.

This next paragraph really has nothing to do with weight loss it’s just a fun Friday story.  Through the years, and as recently as Monday, viewers often ask if I am kin to Lilie Gentle. The answer is yes. She is a cousin. Lilie was born in 1940 in Birmingham. She was a Hollywood actress who played in the 1962 movie , Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation, alongside Jimmy Stewart. Lilie married Hollywood producer Richard Zanuck and had 2 daughters. They divorced after several years of marriage. The last our family heard, Lilie was living in Atlanta. That’s all I know about her. My mawmaw talked a lot about her growing up. My dad remembers her from when he was younger. Mawmaw always said I looked a lot like her, an observation I am quiet proud of. So if you remember Lilie, please share your memories. It was always a dream of mine to meet her, but unfortunately no one has seen or heard from her for many years.

Have a great day everyone and a safe holiday weekend! See you on Tuesday 🙂










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2 Responses to Day 211-Size is but a number, seam it up, and my Hollywood connection

  1. You really do look like Lilly. You’re so right that weight is just a number. The only number that really matters to me is the dress size. At times I could weigh a low number but still have to wear a size larger because of stomach. Most of us have our problem areas no matter what size we wear. You’re a good size. Just stay there and don’t worry about losing anymore. As we get older weight help keep wrinkles away! LOL Congrads on the weight loss.

  2. Debbie Logan says:

    Actually, I think that you are lovelier than Lilie but I do see a resemblance particularly around your mouth and nose. You have done a wonderful job losing weight and inspire me! I hope one day to actually get to the point you are with weight loss; I’d love to be a size 10! 🙂

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