Day 208-What to eat on election day and pork rinds

Today many of you will head to the polls to vote in municipal elections. My Grandaddy West worked the voting polls in Haleyville when I was growing up. It was great that mom could stop by the Neighborhood Facilities Building to vote…and I could see my sweet grandaddy. I miss my grandparents but I am thankful that Grandmother West is still with us.

Election day is long if you work in news. We come in early and leave late. Often times during the frenzy of covering various races we don’t make time to eat something that is good for us. The station graciously orders food, usually pizza, and it is super yummy when you are half-starved. In order to stay on track-and out of the pizza box-I brought lunch and supper. For lunch I’m having a Greek salad and brown rice. For dinner, bananas rolled up on a high fiber tortilla with peanut butter. Seriously good eating! I’m not a huge fan of bread so the tortilla shell is perfect…thin, whole wheat and high in fiber. It’s got 110 calories and you can make several sandwiches out of 1 shell. I’ll take a picture of the tortilla shells I buy and post tomorrow.

As you know I try to keep the majority of the food I eat low-carb. It works better for me as my weight doesn’t spike as sharply. Yes, I am having brown rice today but only a small portion. It is ok to eat carbs and I am not saying you shouldn’t. I just know for me if I go overboard my pants start to get tight. One of my favorite low-carb snacks has to be pork rinds or meat skins where I come from. I have been on a pork rind kick lately. They provide just enough salt and crunch to help with whatever I am craving. I love meat skins with Diet Grapico (but we all know diet drinks and soda’s are on my No! No! list). Sometimes it’s the crunch I crave and meat skins help curb my hunger. It is very likely that will be tonight’s snack as I wait for election returns to come in. That way I get to enjoy a snack I love and I don’t have to worry about added calories from a slice of unhealthy pizza.

So while you are out voting today, stop by for a bag of pork rinds. Low in carb and tasty!

Have a great day!


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2 Responses to Day 208-What to eat on election day and pork rinds

  1. Josie says:

    Yesterday after a hot afternoon of yard work, I whipped up your banana/peanut butter/cocoa/skim milk smoothie. Yum Yum! I added a tsp of vanilla, crushed ice and two packets of splenda (don’t ususally use artifical sweeteners but…) Oh My Goodness! It was so delicious and absolutely hit the spot—and filled that big hungry spot! 🙂
    Love your blog and all the your great tips and recipies!
    Have a blessed day.

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