Day 202-Go Greek or go home, the first 3 letters of diet and breakfast casserole recipe

Starting weight: 184 pounds (yuck)

Today’s weight: 156 pounds (yeaaaa!)

I am waaaaay behind. I have not posted since Friday. Where have I been? Working! It has been a very busy few days. So let me get you up to speed.

Saturday, was my friend Kristen’s engagement luncheon at my house. We had such a good time. The laughs were plentiful and the food was fattening and delicious! Remember the picture of that Oreo cheesecake I posted last week? It was fantastic! Yep I ate some of it. Oh my I make a good cheesecake 🙂 As you know Saturday is my cheat meal day so it wasn’t like I ate in vain, right? As soon as the festivities were over it was back to high protein, low-carb meals. It was nice to spend the day with friends while enjoying a break from this diet…by the way the first 3 letters in the word diet???…DIEt 😉

I was hungry for a good lunch today. I am sooooo tired of eating like a rabbit. Somedays I eat only fruit or rice cakes. If I’m at the end of a pay period, which I am, it is peanut butter or plain peanuts. Not today! I ordered myself a Greek salad, brown rice, grilled shrimp with a side of fresh fruit. It was delicious! Just what I needed. Good healthy greens with a small amount of Greek salad dressing, a healthy but small portion of rice and shrimp cooked in lemon juice and grilled on an open flame. The fruit was cold and fresh too. Tonight-I’ll whip up a high protein shake in the blender. I find that eating a good lunch and less dinner helps with my weight.

Do you like breakfast casserole? I do. My mom makes one at Christmas. I made one last night and it was fantastic. It is also high in protein. I mixed some sausage and bacon in the bottom of a greased casserole dish, whipped about 5 eggs with a little milk, poured the egg over the meat and topped with cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. You can also add spinach, mushrooms, eggs, jalapenos and lots of spices! This is a very versatile and healthy meal. It also is low-budget and will yield left overs. Win! Win!

Have a great day everybody!


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One Response to Day 202-Go Greek or go home, the first 3 letters of diet and breakfast casserole recipe

  1. Lisa says:

    DId you put a crust on the bottom?

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