Day 193-Gold medal in eating, fun on jet ski’s and back on track

If eating was an Olympic event I would have taken home the gold this weekend! In my defense I was so hungry for my mom’s cooking. I kept my weight and calories in check all week but I let go Saturday.

We all met at my uncle’s place on the river for a birthday/back-to-school bash and did we ever have fun!!! I haven’t laughed and squealed that much in a long time. We rode Sea Doo’s all day, fished, even went for an unexpected and unplanned swim in the middle of the river (thank goodness Lane and I were wearing life jackets when the jet ski turned over).

Mom brought Boston Butt, homemade potato salad (She didn’t make my favorite with yellow mustard because she didn’t want me to be tempted to eat the entire bowl…and I would have!), homemade vinegar slaw, watermelon, tomatoes, chips, corn on the cob, fried chicken, baked beans, birthday cake (which I couldn’t eat), homemade sugar-free banana pudding (which I did eat ha!) I filled up 2 plates! One was mainly watermelon but I wasn’t shy to dip out 2 plates of food and eat every bite! After I stuffed down 2 plates of food and chugged a Diet something behind it then I hit the river for some fun. My hope is whatever I ate, I burned off. When we got home I was starving so I ate another BBQ sandwich. Sunday, I ate Mexican food and the rest of the BBQ. Needless to say I didn’t weigh this morning ha!! It may take a day or 2 for everything I ate to simmer down and not show up on the scale-right? I have no regrets though. It was the best weekend I’ve had in a very long time!

You know sometimes you’ve just got to cut yourself some slack. I work hard, diet, exercise, give up foods I love all week. Saturday was an opportunity to kick back and enjoy family, food and fun. I think it is as good for your emotional well-being to have a “food day” as it is for your physical body. Look, I don’t advocate eating like a pig. I don’t encourage you to eat like it is your last meal. I don’t encourage you to eat until your pants won’t button and your shirt is so tight it looks like you are packing a 24 count bag of rolls. I also don’t encourage you to miss out on special occasions. Making memories with those you love is much more important than worrying about calorie counts. And if those memories are made over a lunch or dinner so be it. We don’t know what tomorrow holds.

I did get back on track this morning. I put my Zumba disc in and did a little sweating. I cooked an egg and slice of bacon for breakfast. Tonight I’m planning on a salad and steak (it is Monday night you know). High protein foods help keep the weight off me. If I incorporate baked potatoes, bread, rice etc into my diet it seems the weight loss doesn’t want to cooperate as much. High protein, lots of water and healthy eating will help me recover faster from my food hang over 🙂

You’ve heard me talk about my bicycle. I had to buy a new seat for it this weekend. One of those “my cheeks are too big and I need more room to sit” seats. My friend Rhea bought one a while back and sent me a pic of her’s. It should make the ride much more friendly.

Have a great day everyone!


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One Response to Day 193-Gold medal in eating, fun on jet ski’s and back on track

  1. Lisa says:

    Glad you had a great weekend also!. Our family had a good one too!

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