Day 189-Lunch, what’s in your cart, and going green…again :)

Lunch is my favorite meal of the day. I find I am the most hungry from 10am-2pm everyday. When I say I’m hungry–I mean the kind of hunger where my mind goes crazy thinking about all the restaurant possibilities. I haven’t eaten fast food in so long I have forgotten how it tastes. And if I do go to a restaurant for dinner I know exactly what to order and how many calories I am consuming because I eat there a lot (I’m a creature of habit). The one thing I don’t enjoy is eating a cold sandwich, which is what I brought to work with me today. Nothing tasty or fulfilling about it. In fact I’m still hungry. Maybe dinner will hold better possibilities. Looking forward to my afternoon snack a lot earlier than usual 🙂

I have days where staying on a diet and reminding myself to do some kind of exercise feels impossible. As tired as I get of struggling to keep weight off, adjusting my diet, changing up my exercise routine, fighting off food cravings, reworking recipes, saying “no” to soda, etc I couldn’t go back to my old way of eating. I never want to look or feel that way again. I was fat. No other way to say it. I was fat. For all the imperfections I see today-7 months after I started this weight loss journey- I’m ok with the girl I see in the mirror. I feel better, my attitude is less abrasive, and I’m happy. Weight is just what the word implies–heavy and burdensome. It is just not a look or feeling I want to experience again. Sure I’m going to have days where my weight goes up and days where it comes back down. I guarantee it won’t ever climb up to 184 pounds again!

Look around sometime when you are at a restaurant or buying groceries. Have you ever taken time to notice what is on someone’s plate or in their grocery cart? Check your own sometime. I have done that and it is a real eye opener. The grocery cart used to be my  enemy. It is so easy to hide foods you don’t want people to see you buying like sweets, soda, pasta, ice cream, whatever your guilty pleasure. When I checked out, I would quickly pull the comfort foods from my buggy, put them up on the belt and hope the cashier wasn’t staring at me and saying in her mind, “uh huh. Fatty!” Today, I make sure I have a plan. I make a shopping list, buy only what I need-foods that are calorie approved, diet approved and tasty. I skip the isle’s that are a temptation. At first it was very challenging but I figured out by listening to music and chewing gum it kept my mind-and taste buds-focused on something besides junk food staring at me on the store shelf. It is ok to give in to one temptation on an occassional basis. Just make sure it doesn’t control you.

Do you remember the green smoothie drink I shared with you many blog posts ago? It’s made with spinach, tastes really good and is good for you. I’m reposting in case you forgot just how wonderful this drink tastes.

In a blender, add about 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, any light-colored fruit (banana, pineapple, apple, etc) ice. Blend. Add water as it mixes until it reaches the consistency of a smoothie. Pour, drink and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Day 189-Lunch, what’s in your cart, and going green…again :)

  1. Mary Cattadoris says:

    Elizabeth, is this one of your meals or is it a snack?

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