Day 188-The numbers don’t lie and exercises to shake up your routine

How much do you weigh? Did you take time to step on the scale this morning? Why not? Don’t look at the scale as a demon trying to drag you down into a circle of numbers. Look at the scale as a friend. A best friend will tell you what nobody else would dare and get away with it! The scale isn’t going to hate you. It won’t judge you. It will be the most honest thing in your life. I weigh everyday! Some say that is obsessive behavior. I call it common sense. If I know what my weight is going into the day I can better determine what foods I want to eat. Sure, there are going to be days you don’t like what you see in front of you. That should be motivation enough to do something about it! There will be days when your eyes have to do a double take because you’ve lost weight! What a great feeling! Don’t walk by your scale or let dust collect on it–stand on it, be proud of yourself, and do what you need to get healthy! I stepped on my scale this morning…it read 156 pounds. I’m a happy girl as long as it doesn’t go any higher!

Today I am tired and my muscles feel tense. I’ve been doing stretching exercises in the morning to help improve strength and coordination. I tend to slump at my desk and it makes my shoulders and back sore. The stretches help relieve some of the tightness. I don’t want my muscles I’ve spent the past few months trying to build up turning soft on me. I haven’t exercised much lately and I need to get back on my routine. It is easy to let other things get in the way. My new bike is still sitting in the garage. I hope to ride it very soon. Do you need some inspiration to tone up? Here are some guides to help you.

Hope you find motivation today to push yourself one step further!


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