Day 182-Special visitor, breakfast and I’m only human

This weekend my sweet niece Mary Beth is coming to spend the night.  We’ve been planning this for week’s and I’m so excited! I’ve got to make my grocery list and finish some last-minute details. We are making homemade ice cream Friday night and of course I will have some of her favorite snacks in the fridge. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than spoiling that little girl rotten!

This morning I cracked open 2 eggs, toasted a slice of bread, spread on a wedge of Laughing Cow cream cheese and washed it down with a chocolate protein drink. I was hungry an hour later ha! Breakfast is a great way to speed your metabolism. I rarely ate breakfast before going on a diet. Now I can’t make it through the day without it. I used to think if I skipped breakfast I would save myself some calories or I could use them later in the day. WRONG! Breakfast wakes up your body. By distributing my calories out through the day I eat every 2 hours and I lose weight! So why deprive yourself of food? I’m certainly not. It’s all in how you learn to eat. And if you eat breakfast you are certainly getting your day started on the right note.








Someone left a very kind note on my Facebook page talking about following my weight loss journey and how it is nice to see a reporter who is human. We are all that way. Our job does not dictate who we are inside. We all have our personal demons that we face-mine happens to be weight. I am not ashamed to admit I was overweight. I am confident enough in my skin to say I was heavy, really heavy. I am honest enough to say I’ve put on a few pounds and it is likely due to lack of exercise and adding carbs back into my diet. I know my limitations. I know what I need to do to get those few pounds back off. I have the determination and common sense to know that if I don’t count my calories and eat healthy I am going to ruin what I’ve worked so hard to conquer. Look if I can admit my weight and share my battle in front of thousands of viewers you can do it in the privacy of your home. The key is getting started. That is what I am here to help with. When you think you are alone, just read my blog. You will find another humble soul, me, struggling with the same issues.

Keep your chin up!


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One Response to Day 182-Special visitor, breakfast and I’m only human

  1. Tina says:

    Hey Elizabeth, first of all let me say that you look amazing. The hard work is definitely paying off for you. When you first started this weight loss journey you went to a nutritionist or dietician to teach you about the foods and portions. Since I am so busy at work I only catch a few blog posts a month now. However, I see you mentioning something about medeteranian diet or foods, is that something you just started or was it something that your nutrtionist incorporated, and what type of exercise are you doing in this heat?

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