Day 177-A broken tooth and some fantastic grilling recipes

I had to take the day off yesterday. Now you know it must have been something terrible for me to call out. I’ve been fighting with a toothache for weeks. I planned to make an appointment with my dentist before now to have it checked but like everything else I need to do in my life, I kept getting put it off. Then, Wednesday night I noticed a crater size hole in the back of my mouth…yep my tooth broke. In a panic, I called my dentist as soon as they opened yesterday morning to see if I could come in. They said absolutely! I was in Florence by 10:30 and in the dentist chair 5 minutes later. Unfortunately I need a root canal 😦 I’ve got an appointment to get that taken care of at an endodontist’s office in Huntsville. Then I will go back to get a crown. A HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Harlan Knight’s office!! I am so glad they were able to see me on such short notice and get me set up to have this tooth taken care of. He’s a great dentist to have on speed dial 🙂

Now that I am dealing with this broken tooth-and the nerve is sensitive-I’m basically living on soft foods and protein drinks. I’ve heard of people going on liquid diets and if this is what they do-I’ll take my steak cooked medium please 🙂 I can already tell a difference in my weight. I’ve dropped 2 pounds from when I weighed yesterday morning. 🙂 Now that’s what I call results!

The weatherman is calling for slightly cooler temps this weekend–high’s still in the 90’s but with a touch less humidity. Why not pull the grill or smoker out and cook up some of your favorite meats and veggies? Fish, especially salmon, is delicious! Wrap it in foil and cover with spices and lemon wedges. Chicken, basted in your favorite BBQ sauce or white sauce, is a summertime favorite. And don’t forget to throw the veggies on too-corn is especially good raked over the hot coals 🙂

If you need inspiration to get you started…check out these links I’ve pinned to our “No Excuses” Pinterest board. You’ll find recipes for grilled chicken, grilled seafood and grilled vegetables. You can find our board at:

Have a great day!



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