Day 175-Tomato sandwiches and all things in moderation

I’m a southern girl inside out! One thing I love to eat in the summer is a fresh tomato sandwich with a few slices of bacon on soft white bread with light mayo. Nothing tastes better when it is scorching hot outside and you just want something light for dinner. I knew if I added bread into my diet I would start seeing some weight gain…white bread that is not that “healthy no taste” brown bag stuff. Sure enough-stepped on the scale to see 159.5 this morning! Holy cow!!!! So no more bread. I’ll eat the tomato sandwich guts instead. I have no room for weight gain as I still haven’t made it down to my goal weight. If I could just drop to 150 I’d have room for a few extra pounds now and then. However, it is summer and tomatoes are only in season for a short time. On one hand I could continue to enjoy savoring my favorite southern indulgence or give up the bread. It’s not worth gaining weight and not being able to fit into my clothes. All I need to do is make an adjustment–that is skip the bread–and that should help. I may need to scale back on the bacon too as eating an entire pack in one meal is another way to pack on the pounds. All that sodium holds in water. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Moderation…I’ve always had trouble with that one. Why stop at one spoonful of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, rice, corn, grandma’s chicken pot pie, potato salad (insert your favorite indulgence here). That is why I have to work so hard to keep the spoon from making extra trips to my mouth. When something tastes good and I really like it I tend to over do it. That is one reason for the massive weight gain last year. In my mind, food not only tastes good it makes me feel better, it’s appealing, it lies on the plate so beautifully, it calls my name, it doesn’t talk back, it makes me smile, it expects nothing from me and it will always be around in good times and bad. Ok that just sounded like I have abandonment issues ha!! My point is moderation is difficult and not everyone is successful-including myself. I try to keep foods that cause me to fall off track out of my house. If the temptation is put before me I take one bite and move on. That is like Peanut Butter M & M’s. If I eat only 1 I am fine. I was able to enjoy my chocolate and peanut butter fix without killing my weight loss efforts. Yes, 1 M & M. Try it and see if you can eat just 1 of anything. You might be surprised at your willpower and determination.

Hope this little tell all blog post helps you conquer whatever bad eating habit you are going through. Trust me-you are not alone!

Have a great day!


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One Response to Day 175-Tomato sandwiches and all things in moderation

  1. Laura Bell says:

    Have you tried the low cal breads? I eat tomato sandwitches everyday on Thomas bagel thins ( 110 calories) the “Everything flavor with dijonaise and Publix brand ready cooked bacon. Its 1 point for 3 pieces.

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