Day 169-Gettin’ my Zumba on, shopping weekend, and recipes!

I ordered my first Zumba DVD this week. It arrived today. I don’t have time to attend an actual class so this will help shake up my exercise routine. So now I have Zumba, a bike (which is still in the shop), and walking. I really have “No Excuses” when it comes to finding something to burn calories. 🙂

Yesterday I had the appetite of a bird. I munched on dry Cheerios and blueberries-that was lunch and supper. I just couldn’t get hungry enough to eat an actual meal. I go through cycles of intense hunger, moderate hunger, and no hunger. Maybe it is dictated by my stress level? The weather? Who knows but hopefully I will be hungry enough today to enjoy a good meal. My taste buds are hungry for foods I don’t need to eat like pizza, pasta and potatoes. Well now that I see those words typed out it made my craving that much stronger ha! Maybe we really do eat with our eyes!

I cannot wait to go shopping this weekend! I’ve never been anxious about spending money on clothes. My pants are held together with one of those big industrial size paper clips ha! I need pants about 3 sizes smaller than what I was wearing before I lost weight. Clothes that fit too big can be just as uncomfortable as clothes that are cutting off your circulation. I will let you know how the shopping adventure goes!

I haven’t pinned to our “No Excuses” Pinterest page in a few days. I don’t know about you but I can always use inspiration in the kitchen and my life!

Recipe for healthy beef tacos

Hungry for salsa, try this:

Spaghetti isn’t just a winter comfort food:

Have a great day!


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