Day 168-Diet pills, new clothes and bike or bust

Today’s weight: 156

Starting weight: 184

My weight fluctuates some. That is why I want to get down to 150. It will come up a pound or 2 and the next day go back down. At first it really freaked me out but now I know it is ok. It was down to 154 a few days ago. It could be that I ate more over the weekend than normal. I’ve scaled back and maybe that will help 🙂 I always seem to feel puffy in the summer. Something about the heat makes my feet and hands swell.

There is a story in the news about a new diet pill that promises weight loss success but with side effects. Now before I say anything else–I am not a physician. I know there are people out there who medically need this type of weight loss drug to help shed weight or they will die. But downing weight loss pills because you can’t push yourself away from the table isn’t going to solve your problems.

When I made the decision to lose weight I was given the option of taking diet pills. At the time I was really worried that my weight loss efforts might not work. I’m older, my metabolism is a little slower, and I chose to document this journey in front of the camera! That is a lot of pressure!! After much thought and consideration I chose not to take the diet pills. I wanted to lose weight the healthy way…with diet and exercise. And to my surprise, it worked! I didn’t take a single dietary supplement to help in my efforts. It was determination and motivation that kept me on the straight and narrow. When my mom was younger she took diet pills (my mom has never been overweight). It caused her to have heart issues that she still deals with today. She discouraged me from taking them and I’m glad she did. There is no magical pill that will cure being overweight. Even if you do lose weight taking diet pills, when you stop you are going to gain it back-just like pushing eating healthy to the side will put weight on you. If you have the motivation to eat healthy you don’t need diet pills. Yes, it takes will power and determination but you will feel so much better not only in how you look but in the fact that you did it the healthy way!

I finally made the decision to go buy me a few clothes that fit this weekend. I am tired of pinning my pants and shirts. I am nervous about it too. While I am a much smaller size I still feel as though I could be smaller. I’m going to start small-maybe a few new shirts or a new suit if I find one. Easing into new clothes may be wiser than going crazy and buying a bunch of stuff I don’t really want.

Are you enjoy the Mediterranean Diet? I am. The food is very good. It is easy to cook and nobody that has eaten with me so far seems to mind the fresh zingy taste 🙂 Eating this way helps add some variety into my diet while allowing me to eat healthy fats.

My bike is at the shop. I won’t be able to ride it this weekend. I had to get a new tire, new tube and the gears need repair. Hopefully by next week I’ll be peddling like a crazy woman 🙂

Have a great day!


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4 Responses to Day 168-Diet pills, new clothes and bike or bust

  1. Judy Smith says:

    I really enjoy your help and good tidbits. I hope I can do as well as you have for myself..

  2. Lauren says:

    I agree about the whole diet pills thing. I took them before and they worked but you definitely gain double back when you stop taking them. I’m currently at my highest weight ever and have considered them again but I know I need to do this the right way and make a permanent lifestyle change.

  3. Becky says:

    You have been an inspiration to me. I started calorie counting a week ago & when I weighed this morning I’d lost 5 pounds! I’ve been walking every day & I’m feeling some what better. I don’t want to switch to another plan just yet,gonna stick with CC for awhile.
    You’re doing great 🙂

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