Day 163-Nothing unlucky about this Friday 13th and cake!

It’s Friday the 13th but I am feeling anything but unlucky today! Stepped on the scale and saw a weight loss of 2 1/2 pounds! What a great feeling! Maybe a diet change is just what I needed to get my weight loss started back.

While browsing Facebook this morning I saw where a friend posted she played racquetball for 1 hour and burned roughly 900 calories. See, exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Get a friend and go do something fun! You will feel much better and be proud of yourself when you zip up those tight pants.

What’s on your lunch menu today? If I were going to hit a restaurant I would order BBQ ribs slathered in a sweet sauce, potato salad, slaw, and sop it up with a good piece of bread. Ok, ok those were the old days. Today, I’ve got a cup of brown rice, sliced tomatoes and peppers marinating away in a little Italian dressing. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it! It’s filling and healthy. No, I promise it really is good!

If you’ve got sweets on the brain enjoy some cake this weekend. Just watch your serving size and how many times you go back for another slice!

1 package regular white cake mix dry (or sugar-free version)

1 can of diet soda (any flavor)


  • Mix cake mix with 12 oz of diet soda! Stir until cake is completely mixed in, some lumps will remain. Bake cake or cupcakes to box instructions (using the least amount of time recommended). Some recommendations for flavor combinations: diet root beer + spice cake = my favorite diet 7up/sprite + any flavor cake diet cherry coke/pepsi + devils food or chocolate cake diet cherry 7up + white cake diet orange soda + white or chocolate cake for toppings/frosting (points plus not included) I recommend using some powdered sugar with the same flavor of soda for a “light” glaze or using a small amount of store-bought frosting, but don’t forget to count the points plus for it!


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One Response to Day 163-Nothing unlucky about this Friday 13th and cake!

  1. Darlene says:

    Awesome results chickie….I knew you would post a loss, watched you on the news Friday and
    told my husband, well look at that, Elizabeth has lost more. Nice suit too……….I am just so proud
    for you and the success you are having….and you are changing things up so well….that you will
    have yourself to your goal in no time………..

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