Day 162-BBQ chicken, my dirty little secret, and toning up

The rain falling from the sky is a welcomed blessing! The air smells so much cleaner and my grass is greening up even as we speak ūüôā Sometimes a good soaking rain is just what we need to clear the mind and body.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my parents and grandma are coming Saturday for a visit. Sometimes you’ve got to break away from what my brother calls rabbit food and feed your company something good. My grandmother is on a strict low-sodium diet, my mom has high blood pressure, I’m on a diet¬†and my dad is diabetic. That’s¬†a tough crowd of people to feed ha! With all of those conditions in mind I think I’ve come up with a menu that will suit everyone’s individual¬†needs ha! I’ve decided on¬†oven BBQ chicken, brown rice, Greek salad, corn, a loaf of homemade bread and diabetic friendly apple pie. The BBQ sauce is simple to make: ketchup, honey, Splenda¬†brown sugar, garlic powder (it also calls for soy sauce¬†but due to the sodium content¬†I replace it with yellow mustard. You can use low-sodium soy sauce if you are cooking for someone without diet restrictions or heart issues). The brown rice I flavor with some no-sodium herbs. My Greek salad is loaded with vegetables-tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, Feta cheese and I make a homemade Greek salad dressing to go with it (see post from earlier in the week). The diabetic friendly apple pie is made with a crescent¬†roll, stewed apples, fat-free¬†cream cheese, Splenda and cinnamon. So all in all, not a bad lunch.

Someone emailed me this week and said she had gained a lot of weight going through¬†a personal struggle. She went on to say she was “living to eat” and that she was to the point of break before she woke up and realized the only person she was hurting was herself. So, she got a dog and started slowly building up from walking a few feet to running. That got me to thinking about something I have never shared-at least publicly.¬†I’ve been known to clear out a roll of cookie dough and box of mac and cheese in one sitting-with a box of Kleenex close by. That¬†was my¬†“I’m having a nervous breakdown, why is my life going this direction, what is wrong with me, nobody wants me, I feel all alone” comfort meal. Since adopting a healthy lifestyle I don’t feel that way anymore-or at least not nearly as often-¬†and I certainly don’t look at food as the fix-all solution. If my feelings start to curve in that direction I try to work in something physical or I whip up a protein shake in the blender. All of us have emotional hurdles to jump through but food isn’t the answer. I’ve finally realized that the only person I have to make happy is myself. I can’t live to make my family happy or the people in my life. If they don’t like something I’m doing–too bad. I have to live my life for Elizabeth. I used to bring a lot of stress and worry home with me from work but now I leave it at the front door. I know it will be waiting for me the next day. I can handle that. So the next time you get down and out-get moving! Don’t take your frustrations out on food that won’t love you back. Go do something fun! Spend a little money on yourself, go to a movie, go for a walk-just don’t reach for that roll of cookie dough and pot of mac and cheese ūüôā

It seems our “No Excuses” Pinterest board is having a few problems today. I’ve pinned a couple of exercises that you might want to try. I know! I know! Exercise stinks but if you are just sitting around this weekend why not get up and burn some calories!

Have a great day! Elizabeth

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2 Responses to Day 162-BBQ chicken, my dirty little secret, and toning up

  1. Devan Hidalgo says:

    I have loved following your Weight Loss journey. We had a Huntsville Hospital Wellness Nutritionist and a Trainer come to our company (compliments of our employer!), to help us learn how to eat healthier and what exercises we need to be doing, and it has helped tremendously! I have lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks, which is a major feat for me! You become very clever inventing new ways of cooking and incorporating healthier foods into your lifestyle. Keep up the great work!

    • Devan-You work for someone who truly cares about health and wellness. That is awesome! I’m so happy for your weight loss too. Every pound-even a 1/2 pound lost-is success! Best of luck to you! Elizabeth

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