Day 161-Taking charge of your life and eating to live not living to eat

Motivation-it is something we all need when it comes to healthy eating and exercise. Someday’s it is all I can do to gather the strength to count calories. When it comes to exercise? I’d much rather lay on the couch with a bowl of chocolate ice cream and watch reality tv shows 🙂 It is that attitude though that put the weight on me to start with. As the weight increases we start to feel ugly, depressed, angry, sad, withdrawn (insert your own word here _____). We might stop activities we enjoy or cut ourselves off from people because we are afraid they are staring at us or they are going to make a left-handed comment about how we look. Sound familiar? If it does it is time to do something about it. Only YOU can make the decision to step forward and do what it takes to slim down…if not to look your best but for your health. Remember my high cholesterol and blood sugar? I was struggling with numbers in the upper 200’s-300 and my cholesterol was killing me. I was able to get both under control-not with diet pills, prescription medications, surgery-but by changing my eating habits. Today I am roughly 30 pounds lighter, my cholesterol is down and my sugar runs about normal.

Saturday, my parents and grandmother are coming for a visit. I’m really excited! My grandma is feeling better and said while she is able she wants to come see me. I love to cook for people who come to my house.  My aunt Alta always had a made from scratch chocolate cake or pie in the freezer especially for company. She would tell me “you never know who will stop by. Always make sure you have something homemade you can serve.” She was a true southern cook-butter, sugar and salt. ha! I love to cook too but I try to make my meals healthier though I promised mom I wouldn’t fix any of my usual rabbit food (as my brother calls it) for them to eat 🙂 So I’m planning a menu that is low in sodium for grandma and mom and diabetic friendly for dad and I. More on that later.


















As I’ve mentioned a number of times I am always researching diets and eating plans. I like to know what I am eating and how to stay healthy. I never had an interest before but now I know how important it is to be informed. Web MD is one of my favorite websites. Recently they published an article about the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. I wanted to share some of the strong points with you. You can read the entire article by clicking this link:

*Most of the foods on the plan are fresh, seasonal whole foods – they’re not processed. Preparation methods tend to be simple; foods are rarely deep-fried.

*Only small amounts of saturated fat, sodium, sweets, and meat are part of the plan.

*The Mediterranean lifestyle also includes leisurely dining and regular physical activity, which are an important part of the equation.

*The Mediterranean diet is considered a model for good health. Research continues to show the Mediterranean diet, based on healthy foods and physical activity, are the prescription for a long, healthy life. It is an excellent, enjoyable lifestyle diet plan that is easy to follow, flexible, and best of all – good for you.

I’m also posting links to our “No Excuses” Pinterest page to help guide you through better eating. It’s not only important for your health and well-being but your family too.

Have a great day everyone!


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