Day 156-Zoe’s Restaurant, fighting the urge to snack, and low-cal gravy?

I could not have been more thankful when I stepped off the set at 12:30 to see lunch waiting in the conference room. I was so hungry for something with a little sas! 🙂 Zoe’s Restaurant at the Village of Whitesburg in Huntsville brought the best lunch to the station (I took a picture for you to see all the deliciousness on my plate). We had grilled chicken skewers, brown rice, a salad loaded with onion, bell pepper, feta cheese and a homemade olive oil and lemon vinaigrette dressing that was out of this world! Did I mention they brought homemade chocolate cake too? I skipped that indulgence 🙂  Zoe’s is new to Huntsville. It’s the kind of restaurant folks looking to eat healthy can appreciate. I am told they serve a Mediterranean-inspired menu-with pasta, fresh vegetables, hummus and gluten-free options. Thank you Zoe’s for a fantastic healthy and delicious Friday lunch!!

I’m having one of those days where I could eat everything in sight! I’m really having to practice self-discipline in an effort to not snack myself to death. Nothing is wrong. I’m not stressed out. I’m happy and feeling good. Sometimes a girl just wants to eat and let me tell you that will get me in trouble-quickly! I must have opened the refrigerator a 1000 times this morning. Luckily I don’t have anything in there that would cause me to stumble. Keeping temptation away is the only way to avoid ruining your diet. If the cravings are still there when I get home, I’ll plug-in the blender, pour in some milk with a sprinkling of unsweet cocoa powder, half of a frozen banana and some peanut butter. The chocolate/peanut butter combo will help curb my craving plus the peanut butter is high in protein. Remember you can still have your indulgences but find ways around the calories.

My next attempt: making white gravy (sawmill gravy where I come from) without all of the heavy calories. Stay tuned…I may try that this weekend.

Have a great weekend!




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