Day 155-Letting go, Pinterest links, and a 1500 calorie food menu

Do you write down everything you eat in a day? I did before I started dieting. The number of calories I was consuming along with poor food choices really opened my eyes. Before this revelation hit, I felt too far gone to even care. It was nothing to drown my sorrows in fast food or some other kind of comfort meal. One day I finally realized I wasn’t hurting anyone but myself. When I made the decision to start eating healthy, it was a real life changer. How I look at food today versus 155 days ago has changed drastically. I know now that I was eating to make up for something I felt was missing in my life. I realize life is what you make of it. I’ve learned to ditch some of those emotional issues and leave my stress at the door. I’m a much happier person today-as I finally realized I can’t change the world, it’s not my job to make everyone in my life happy, and you have to love yourself before someone else can love you back. I just wish I would have realized this a lot sooner.

If you haven’t visited the “No Excuses” Pinterest board click on the links provided for some great health tips.

This link provides great information about eating every 2 hours and what food choices are best.

I’ve posted another link listing out foods that are good for you from various food groups.

And this link is super helpful! If you need options to help put together an eating plan, click on this link. It lists foods recommended for breakfast, lunch and supper.

People often say to me “1500 calories isn’t much food.” I thought the same thing when I started “No Excuses.” For a few days, they were right. My body had to adjust to leaving off heavy foods, soda, caffeine, salt, etc. Once my system turned around I started feeling better. The reward was watching the weight slowly melt away. Today, I can adjust my calorie level to fit my lifestyle. The more I work out, walk, jog, swim-whatever the hungrier I am. I try to listen to what my “gut” tells me and eat when I know I am truly hungry, not just out of boredom.

My eating schedule is about every 2 hours. I sliced a tomato for breakfast and fixed 2 eggs to eat with it. I just finished a 100 calorie peanut butter chocolate chip energy bar. It only had 7 grams of sugar which is much easier on my blood sugar levels. Lunch is a toss-up, though I’m leaning toward a salad. I try to keep it high protein as much as I can. I’m attaching a sample meal plan for a 1500 calorie diet. This menu is low in fat, easy for diabetics, note the fruit and veggie choices, and all meals have a protein source and/or a healthy fat source. This will help fill you up and curb hunger between meals.

Sample 1500 Calorie Diet
1 egg (scrambled in nonstick spray or hard-boiled)

2 slices whole wheat toast

1 teaspoon butter

1 cup berries


Turkey Sandwich:

     2 slices whole wheat bread

     3 ounces sliced turkey breast

     1 teaspoon mayonnaise

     Lettuce and tomato slices as desired.

Eat with 1 cup cherry tomatoes.


1/2 cup nonfat/lowfat cottage cheese

1 banana


4 ounces baked or grilled chicken

6 ounce baked sweet potato

2 teaspoons butter

1 cup steamed broccoli


Yogurt Parfait: Layer 1 cup plain nonfat (Greek) yogurt + 1 cup berries
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