Day 153-Working hard for the money and daily meal ideas

Tomorrow is the big day! Most of you will be home with your families enjoying fireworks, food and fun. I will be working tomorrow. I opted to take Labor Day this year since Independence Day falls in the middle of the week. When you work in news, law enforcement, rescue squad, firefighters, etc you take the holiday that is available to you. In this business we usually get 1 summer holiday and 1-2 winter holidays. Trust me, when your time off rolls around you are very appreciative of it.

I get asked a lot what I eat and if anyone helps me plan my meals. I’m on my own figuring out foods as I go. I know what is good for me and what is bad. Today I ate a tomato sandwich on white bread. Yeap-white bread. Homemade white bread that I made a few weeks ago. I keep it in the freezer and cut a piece now and then. It is as good when it thaws as the day I put it in the freezer. White bread is one of my favorite carbs but I know to eat it in moderation (the reason the bread is in the freezer). Tomatoes are best eaten in the summer and since I’m 100% southern I like them on a sandwich. If I want to skip the bread I cut up a tomato, sprinkle on a little salt and pepper and add a protein to go with it-like bacon, sausage, ham, etc. I also like to make sure I eat something green with my meal-a small salad, some peas, some green veggies. Fruit is another important element I try to fit into my day. I no longer eat an entire basket of fruit-I eat one piece a day as that is about all my blood sugar can handle. I usually eat a fresh peach first thing in the morning. I also depend on high-protein shakes or powders for a good snack. Mix high-protein powder with water or milk for a healthy snack. Fat-free Greek Yogurt is a must have now that I’ve learned to love it. I keep Fage on hand and mix it with unsweetened cocoa powder and a little Cool-Whip-delicious!

Remember you can enjoy your BBQ tomorrow just skip the heavy sides. Opt for grilled meats and veggies. Move around-go for a swim, pick up a game of basketball or go for a walk. Don’t let that food sit in your stomach and make you feel bloated. Do something to get your heart rate up!

Most of all-have a good time tomorrow! Don’t worry about dieting if you don’t want to. Give yourself a mental break. Concentrate on family and friends. Enjoy the fireworks show at the end of the day!

Have a blessed 4th!


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