Day 152-Don’t judge me, just love me and diabetic friendly cole slaw

Today’s weight: 154.5 and holding

Starting weight: 184

Hope you all had a great weekend! It is Monday-are you ready to lose weight? Several of you have mentioned dieting on my Facebook page or when you see me out but tell me you just can’t get motivated. What?! Come on now-I’ve given you all the tools you need to be successful. FREE diet information that would otherwise cost you big bucks to do on your own. “No Excuses” for you to not look and feel your best.

Triple digit heat makes it very difficult for me to find something to eat, well at least most of the time. Saturday I was craving Mexican food. I saved my calories and carbs all week and I was going to enjoy myself if I had to elbow someone out of line. I had to go to a wedding that afternoon and when it was over I went straight to the buffet and ate like a pig-to the point where I looked pregnant afterwards. I was miserable! I just knew it was going to show up on the scale so in order to keep the weight down I ate strictly high protein foods the rest of the weekend. I weighed this morning and it must have worked b/c my weight is still holding steady at 154.5 Maybe it is the 1 1/2 hour swim Sunday afternoon that helped sweat the fat out of me. Whatever the reasons I’m praising the weight loss god’s today. Look judge me all you want but it was 1 meal and I planned it out at the start of the week. If you have a food craving make it happen-one meal, dont’ go overboard, be done with it, and move on. We are all human and we are all going to make mistakes-even with the best will power! I have no regrets. I fed the Mexican buffet beast that was raging inside of me and the next meal I was back on track!

Wednesday many of you will be off work. I mentioned last week if you are going to cook out be careful how much and what you eat. I’ll likely stick to high protein-as in some kind of grilled meat and skip the bun or heavy potato salad that I normally eat. I get hungrier faster eating high-protein but I can tell it really helps keep my weight in check. I love grilled hot dogs but I like them even better without the bun. I squirt a little ketchup and mustard in my plate and dip away-same with hamburgers. You can eat more b/c you aren’t filling up on carbs.

My grandma makes vinegar slaw like you eat on BBQ sandwiches without all of the sugar. She replaces the sugar with Splenda (for you artificial sweetener haters those of us who can’t handle sugar really have no choice).

4-1/2 to 5 Cups finely chopped or shredded cabbage (about half a head)

1 Cup white vinegar

1/2-3/4 cup Splenda

  1. Place cabbage in a bowl. Add in vinegar and Splenda. Stir. Cover and place in refrigerator a few hours or overnight before serving. Will make more juice over time.
  2. *The proportions for larger quantities are equal parts vinegar and sugar.



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2 Responses to Day 152-Don’t judge me, just love me and diabetic friendly cole slaw

  1. Mary Cattadoris says:

    Elizabeth maybe 154.5 is the weight that you’re supposed to be. You look great!!

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