Day 148-Weight gain, sugar-free apple juice, and a killer core exercise

I stepped on the scale this morning and noticed I’ve gained 2 pounds. Could it be the strawberry ice cream I ate for breakfast one morning or the handful of Hershey’s Kisses I snatched out of the candy jar during a chocolate craving? Ok I didn’t really do that (yes I did eat the ice cream but that was one morning last week). Weight gain is as natural when dieting as losing weight or maintaining. The 2 extra pounds I picked up could be contributed to my schedule change last week. Working night side I found myself moving around a lot less. It was so hot during the day that I didn’t get a chance to walk and by the time I got home from work it was after 11. I tried to stick to my regular eating schedule but not being as active on that shift may have caused my weight to edge up. I’m not worried about it. I’ll eat a little less tonight, go for a walk and drink some extra water. If you haven’t lost much weight this week or gained a few pounds just re-evaluate, breath and keep on pushing yourself.

Yesterday I posted about a new apple juice I found at the grocery store. I measured out a glass and drank it this morning. Not bad. It has a slight artificial taste which I expected but it’s very much like good old apple juice-without the calories and sugar. The brand is Healthy Balance. I’ve posted the nutrition facts. I’m certain real apple juice is better for you but for those of us with sugar issues this is a great substitute.

I have a new exercise for you to try. I saw it on an exercise program while I was wrapped up in a blanket lounging on my couch ha! Lay down in the floor. Scoot as close to your bed as you can, stretch your legs above your head and rest your feet on the mattress. Pull your hips off the floor as far as you can. Do several reps and I guarantee you will feel a burn from your thighs to your shoulders. In fact I am sore in my core today from alternating those with crunches last night.

A lot of you are looking forward to the 4th of July holiday. I am likely working that day as I didn’t want an off day in the middle of the week. Since we are in ratings it was going to be difficult to take time off around that date. If cooking out is on your mind and you want something yummy to eat but still want to stick close to your diet plan your menu carefully. There is no reason you can’t have your food and fun too. A good plan is to stick with veggies, meat and fruits. Instead of a grilled hamburger, eat hamburger steak and pile on the tomatoes, onion, lettuce-whatever. You can also use that lettuce leaf to wrap your burger meat in and make a burger wrap. These are awesome! If you are eating homemade ice cream try making it sugar-free (I have a recipe I can post if someone is interested. My mom uses it all the time and it is delicious!!!!) If you dip a bowl of ice cream, watch the portions. Skip the cakes and cookies and spoon on some fruit. If you decide to drink soda during your celebration drink only 1 cup and then switch to diet or water. Add some exercise in your day…something fun like swimming or basketball. This will help burn off calories and give you a good night’s rest. Whatever you decide–just make sure you have a good time. Eat a slice of watermelon for me too 🙂

Hope you all have a great day!


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4 Responses to Day 148-Weight gain, sugar-free apple juice, and a killer core exercise

  1. Shannon says:

    I have been following your diet segments on tv and your twitter posts. I am currently dieting and your struggles are very much like my own. I am glad to know I am not alone. Good luck.

    • Shannon-we all struggle in some way with losing weight. You’ve just got to take it one meal at a time, one day at a time, one pound at a time! You’ll reach your goal-just keep plugging away at it 🙂

  2. Darlene says:

    Of course we are interested in the ice cream recipe Elizabeth………
    Glad you are hanging in there….


  3. I just found your blog. I have been working on dieting for thirty day, with little results. What do you do for exercise?

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