Day 147-30 pounds and holding, MY motivation, and finding your inspiration

147 days into my weight loss journey and things seem to be fine. My weight has not gone up or down-still holding steady at 154.5 Lisa and I walked 4 miles Saturday morning. We usually do 6 but the heat was intense and we haven’t been together in weeks so we decided doing some was better than doing nothing!

What’s on your dinner menu for tonight? Hopefully something healthy. I’m having broiled fish, brown rice, sliced vegetables and pineapple. Summertime I lose my appetite for heavy foods. I like to keep my calories a little lower at night as it doesn’t seem to show up as much on the scales the next day. If you like fish-try it baked in the oven, grilled or spray your electric skillet with a few pumps of non-stick cook spray and let it sizzle for a few minutes. It is best of course to stay away from fried fish. Too many calories!

Sunday afternoon I made a stop by Isom’s Orchard on Highway 72. That place was packed out! I bought tomatoes and peaches. Both are so delicious! The peaches are grown-right here in our area. They had corn, bell peppers and potatoes too. I don’t mind paying a little more for fresh produce. It is always worth it to help the farmers in North Alabama. Next time you are out that way or near a Farmer’s Market or produce stand stop by and pick up some healthy fruits and veggies. Your family will thank you!

I found a new apple juice this weekend. It has 25 calories for 8 ounces and 5 sugars. I haven’t tasted it yet but may have a glass with my fish tonight. I love apple juice but I can’t handle the sugar in the regular brand. This apple juice is made with Splenda. I will take a picture of the bottle tonight and post it on the blog for tomorrow. Anytime I can work juice into my day-and it doesn’t cause me to get sick-is an added bonus!

I mentioned last week that maintaining weight loss isn’t easy. While I am hoping to drop at least 7 more pounds just keeping my weight down is a chore! I think its is more difficult to maintain than to lose weight! I continue to track my calories and I watch what I eat. I stick mostly to a high protein diet but I do allow for 1-2 carbs a day or every other day. It really helps keep me full and satisfied. The best gauge of your weight isn’t necessarily the scale-your clothes can tell a lot about how your body looks. The suits I wear have to be pinned up. Some of them are 2-3 sizes too big. If I stop having to use safety pins I know that is a good indicator my weight is going up!

Speaking of clothes…while looking for a t-shirt this weekend I ran across my favorite pair of big girl pants. These things look like a tent-and before I started losing weight they were kind of tight. Now they won’t even stay up. I’ll likely never get rid of them. They serve as a reminder of what size I never want to buy again and how I looked when I was overweight. If that is not motivation to stay trim and healthy I don’t know what is! Black hides a lot of imperfections but all those pants did was bring attention to a very big problem (and yes the pun was intended).

Find the motivation to get off the couch and move around. Find the motivation to say no to that loaded baked potato. Find the motivation for trading in a can of cold soda for cold water. Find the motivation to live, be happy and excited about the new you! You can do it–and I’m still here to help. I’ve got my own weight loss issues to battle but aren’t we in this together? If you need help getting started with a weight loss plan, click on the link to find more inspiration! You’ll be glad you did!

Have a great day everyone!


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One Response to Day 147-30 pounds and holding, MY motivation, and finding your inspiration

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks friend, needed those words of encouragement!

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