Day 143-Salads…Good for you or a diet demon? And maintaining weight loss

So tonight I had my mouth set on an apple, cranberry, blue cheese and grilled chicken salad from a fast food restaurant neaby the station. I did my homework before I left-knowing how many calories I had left for the day and how many calories were in the salad. What I forgot to figure in was the salad dressing. This salad contained 520 calories and 32 grams of protein. Here’s where they get you…210 calories PER salad dressing packet-which was left off the nutrition information sheet. I ate most of the salad and I know it was healthy but I’m not one for giving up my calories. I caution you all to do your homework before eating anything at a restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging and the sumptuous picture on the internet. If you go armed with the numbers you won’t stumble. I did go over my calories due to the salad dressing but I doubt I’ll beat myself up over it.

Maintaining weight loss or even trying to get a few more pounds off is harder than actually losing the weight. I feel like a weight has been lifted (no pun intended) now that my weekly “No Excuses” piece is on hiatus but I can’t let my guard down. I have to work harder than ever to keep the weight off. I still weigh religiously and if I think I can feel even the slightest ripple I don’t fool around-I get back on track, not that I stray. I know many of you have written in with your maintenance stories and told me how difficult it is to keep the weight off. I imagine it always will be a challenge for me but it is one I don’t plan to let take over my life again.

This week I’ve been filling in on our 4,5,6, and 10:00 shows. That means I had to change my schedule to nights through tomorrow. That has thrown off my schedule somewhat. I’ve been sleeping through breakfast and eating a bowl of cereal for lunch and then maybe cereal and fruit for dinner. One night I hate a Firehouse sandwich and then of course the calorie laden salad tonight. I try to keep my calories lower at night especially when I am just sitting around waiting for the next show to hit. So far my weight is holding steady but there is the worry, with this week’s lack of exercise that I could see the numbers go up some. I am working diligently to keep that from happening!

I hope whatever plan you are following you keep up the good work! I promise to get the blog back on track next week when I move back to my regular schedule 🙂

Have a great night all!


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4 Responses to Day 143-Salads…Good for you or a diet demon? And maintaining weight loss

  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I myself am on a weight loss journey. I went to out to eat with a friend the other day and a salad came with my meal. Instead of pouring the whole cup of dressing on the salad, I would get a bite on my fork and dip it in the dressing. I had more than half of the dressing left when I was done with my salad. That may be something that you can try to help cut out some of the calories when eating salads. Have a great evening and you look awesome

  2. bpack says:

    Hey Elizabeth, I started a healthy lifestyle back in Janurary myself, and have lost 20 pounds. I like you am going the “real” way. It’s hard being a home school mom for 4 children and still get my exercise in. Thanks for hanging in there and post all your ups and downs! Your blod is a huge inspiration for me!

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