Day 142-Going back to basics-what you need to do to lose weight

I am working nightside this week filling in for Mark and Liz who are on vacation. I apologize for late posts but my day is pretty jam-packed anchoring 4,5,6 and 10 🙂 I really enjoy anchoring as it is a nice change of pace.

I received a request to re-post what my dietician recommended that I do in the beginning to lose weight. I am happy to help any of you. And I am certain we could all use a refresher. Let me say this, you are going to have to do some homework. There are 142 days of this blog that you can go back and read. Everything you need to know is in black and white.  If you haven’t already, GO BACK AND READ THE BLOG! It is free information from experts. There are diet plans, healthy food choices, etc. Everything you need to get started is right there. You have to be willing to do some reading. If you are truly committed to losing weight-you will.

As I’ve said, when I started “No Excuses” I had no idea what kind of diet I should try. There are so many plans out there…Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, EDiets, Atkins, The Zone, South Beach, etc. It can be overwhelming! Back in January, I made an appointment with Dietician Linda Steakley with the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center. I knew I wanted a diet that was healthy, easy to follow and most importantly would do its job. We sat down, went through what I liked to eat, how much I eat, how often I eat and what foods I eat the most. I love(d) carbs! Mac and cheese, white rice, bread. Throw in high calorie dairy like sour cream, salad dressing and cream of anything soup and you had a happy girl–but not a healthy one. Linda showed me that I don’t need all of the fat and calories. She put me on a 1500 calorie eating plan. It took some time but I figured out how to get 1500 calories into my day. You are going to have to figure out what foods work best for you. You may not like eggs, turkey sausage and fruit for breakfast. You may not like eating sandwiches without the bread or sticking to high protein for most of your meals. You need to figure out the foods you can live with-the healthy foods-and do away with the bad eating habits.

Have you downloaded the “Lose It” app or the “My Fitness Pal” app yet? If  not, what are you waiting for? Both of these apps are great for keeping track of calorie intake. Log everything you eat and you will see where you are missing the mark. This is an awesome FREE tool to weight loss.

You need to eat about every 2 hours. I eat roughly 300 calories for breakfast. Around 10 am I have a 100 calorie snack. For lunch, I eat 400-500 calories. Around 3:30 I eat a 200 calorie snack. Dinner is 500 calories followed by a 200 calorie snack. If I get hungry before bedtime (especially if I exercise) I will eat a small high-protein meal. Your metabolism will thank you 🙂

Exercise-you have to do this! People tell me “I can’t do it by myself. I don’t have any motivation.” Look…that’s a cop-out! If you want to lose weight you will motivate yourself everyday. If you tell yourself it can’t be done, then don’t waste your time. A negative outlook will only produce negative results. Don’t use the excuse “I need someone to motivate me.” That image in the mirror that disgusts you, those jeans that fit tight and cause your muffin top to spill over, or that double chin and bra fat should be motivation enough. You can’t depend on other people to do this for you! You have to want to do it! That means doing research, motivating yourself to do at least 30 minutes of exercise and sticking to a diet plan.

I hope this helps to answer any questions you might have. Keep up the good work everyone!

Btw-I have a new motivation for staying in shape and keeping the weight off…more on that to come.


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2 Responses to Day 142-Going back to basics-what you need to do to lose weight

  1. Kris says:

    Have you tried the fage yogurt with the little side of fruit? Delicious, more like a dessett to me and 130 calories for the 0%, 140 for the 0% 2%. A nice treat

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