Day 141-Grandma’s blackberry cobbler and late night eating

Did you survive Father’s Day weekend? I went to Haleyville on Saturday. My brother and his family, my parents and grandma and I met up at mom and dad’s for a Father’s Day fit for a king 🙂 My mom really showed out with a delicious lunch! We had turkey, fried squash, peas, green beans, hash brown casserole, corn, pear salad, deviled eggs and a bowl of ice-cold thick sliced watermelon! 


The star of the show was my grandma’s homemade blackberry cobbler. My mom and dad went back into the woods on their property last week and picked just enough for grandma to make her famous desert. The post she fixes this cobbler in is as special as the desert itself. The pot is older than I am and likely closer to my mom’s age. At 92 years old, grandma’s still got it. Everyone with the exception of me got to eat a heaping bowl of this divine nectar (I took one bite and walked away). I am sure there is a way to make this stuff without all the crust, butter and sugar but who would want to eat it, right? Somethings deserve to be served in their natural state 🙂

You may think I am either crazy or have a lot of willpower to eat only 1 small teaspoon of grandma’s cobbler but that’s all I needed. I just really wanted a taste and once I did my interest in eating more was squashed. Sometimes 1 bite or 1 sip is all we need. Just make sure 1 bite or 1 sip is all you take 🙂

Do you ever wake up hungry at night? Every 2 hours I am starving. I don’t mean boredom hunger I’m talking about stomach gnawing on my backbone kind of hunger. One reason may be linked to my metabolism. By eating more often, watching what foods I chose, and logging calories my metabolism seems to have taken on a life of its own. This weekend Dawn Hendricks with D1 in Huntsville sent me a link about whether or not people should eat after a certain time of day. I thought you might be interested in it too!

How Late Can You Eat On A Diet?

by American Body Building (ABB) on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 11:59am ·

There are a lot of persistent myths floating around about what you should and shouldn’t do when trying to lose weight. One of the most enduring fallacies is that you have to eat your last meal early in the evening.

In truth, your body will lose weight and fat based on how many calories you take in versus how many calories get used up. There is no time limit on when you can eat your last meal. Your body doesn’t know what time it is, so eating a meal after 6 p.m. doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t burn fat or lose weight. There’s no rule against working out after dinner either.

If you’re trying to lose weight and get leaner, it’s important to eat small meals more often through the day. The more frequent feedings help stimulate your metabolism because your body has to expend energy to digest food. Of course, you have to choose the right foods so you don’t consume an excess amount of calories, sugar or fat.

Not consuming a meal or protein drink at night will prolong the fast your body goes through during the 7 to 9 hours you’re sleeping. This could actually slow down your metabolism and impede the fat burning process.

It’s important to eat the right amount of calories along with the optimal amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats. As long as you balance out the right diet with the best exercise program, your body will still continue to lose fat, even if you eat a meal right before bedtime.

 Natural Mr. Olympia

John Hansen

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2 Responses to Day 141-Grandma’s blackberry cobbler and late night eating

  1. Mary Cattadoris says:

    This makes so much sense Elizabeth. I was eating so little and not losing weight, but once I ate more often, and ate the right foods, the weight came off. Of course I had to move a lot more too. Pilates has been the way to go for me. Even if the scale doesn’t move, I’m so toned in my core and my clothes fit better.

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