Day 137-Eating healthy on a budget, freezer meals, and garlic

Did I forget to post a blog yesterday? Yes I did! I was so busy putting together stories on the tragic shooting out of Auburn that I completely forgot. Let me make up for it today…

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately you know food prices are ridiculous! To eat  healthy you are going to pay dearly. In an effort to cut back on spending (and reduce trips to the grocery store) I cook ahead and freeze meals. Not only does it make my life easier but it reduces my food bill drastically. I’ve been researching meals on-line lately that are healthy, cheap and easy to freeze and heat. You can take a fattening recipe and turn it into a low-calorie dish that is sure to please! (this may require a few minutes of your time but well worth it when you see how many calories you can slash from one menu).

One of my frozen favorites is spinach. I use it to make my famous low-calorie lasagna rolls. I also keep broccoli, corn, peas, and cheap cuts of meat on hand in the freezer. I stock my pantry with small cans of tomato sauce, canned tuna, salmon, chicken, spices, whole wheat pasta and no-sodium chicken broth (both the liquid and powder). I can use these staples to throw something healthy together, freeze and reheat when I am ready to serve. Don’t forget fat-free Cool Whip. I’ve got 2 tubs in the freezer. It is a great replacement for fattening ice cream.

I am linking several good frozen meal sites to our “No Excuses” Pinterest page. Just click on the links provided to get tasty menu items, tips on saving money and the how-to’s on freezing certain meals.

My mom and grandma always plant garlic bulbs. Mom uses it in her deer concoction (keeps the deer out of the garden) and grandma used it for canning. I love garlic! I cook with it a lot. It adds flavor to just about anything. I’m attaching a link to 20 Health Benefits of Garlic. Next time you are in the store pick up some fresh bulbs or the kind that’s already peeled and ready to use. You might stop by the Lifesaver isle too as it can give you bad breath if eaten in large quantities 🙂

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