Day 130-Food choices from an expert, why undereating is unhealthy, and hair loss













Last night, a good friend stopped by to pick up several packages of protein powder that someone had given me a while back. I cannot stand the taste of it and didn’t want it go to waste so I gave him mine. He is in a competition with his brother to drop pounds before a trip they are taking this fall. As he talked I discovered he is not eating enough calories–not even coming close. He told me he ate like 600 calories that day and this friend is *very* active. I’m guilty of doing the same thing as I find it very difficult now to hit my daily calorie intake. Did you know not eating enough is as bad for you as overeating?

I love the website It offers some great health information on anything you want to know. I’ve posted a link to a story on their webiste about “Undereating and Stomach Fat.” If you don’t come close to eating enough during the day (not overeating but staying within a healthy range like 1500 for less active people and 3,000 for those who work out a lot) you need to read this. I read it myself as I ate 3 strawberries, a handful of peanuts for lunch, and 4 hot wings for dinner last night. I know that is not healthy but it has gotten difficult for me to eat a complete meal. I know that is only going to put weight on me because my body has no food to feed off. I am working diligently to correct this problem. Anyway, I encourage all of you to read by clicking on this link:

I have a thick head of hair. It was much thicker growing up and slightly difficult to style back then. I’ve noticed the last few weeks my hair seems to be falling out in clumps. In a panic, I went straight to the internet for answers. It looks like I may need to incorporate a multi-vitamin into my diet. I read where poor nutrition (hence the 3 strawberries and handful of peanuts for lunch) and rapid weight loss can contribute to this problem. Listen, I don’t want to go bald. If I don’t want to keep shedding hair into my brush everyday I am going to have to get more nutrients into my diet. That includes vitamin A, certain B vitamins, the vitamin biotin, vitamin C, copper, iron, zinc, protein and water. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits contain these nutrients. So when your mom says ‘you can’t leave the table until you eat your vegetables’ listen to her-we need these good-for-you sources to keep our bodies thriving.

If you saw this past Monday’s ” No Excuses” piece you know food burn out can be difficult to deal with. I’ve had several people ask me about Dinner by Design. If you are not sure what to cook this is a great resource as they have healthy meals to select from. The menu changes monthly so you don’t get bored on eating the same foods. So far I’ve eaten the Steak Kabobs with Red Pepper Dipping Sauce and the Chipolte Shrimp. Soooo delicious and what a great break from the same old, same old, tired menu. Changing our eating habits is important to weight loss but changing up what we eat is too.

When it comes to what we eat and how much that can be very confusing. Several months ago D1 Trainer Dawn Hendricks emailed me an eating plan she follows. She doesn’t believe in diets, hence the term “eating plan.” I thought you might be interested in it too. Keep in mind Dawn works out daily and is in tip-top shape. She consumes roughly 3000 calories a day and she eats about every 2 hours. I eat around the same schedule but my calorie consumption is much lower at 1300-1500. The reason I hold mine down is because I’m not as active. On days where I do more I tend to be more hungry and I will eat a little more b/c I know I am burning that food off.

Dawn’s Healthy Eating Plan

1800-2000 Calories

Meal 1—Best Choices 

1 Bagel with 1 T. reduced fat peanut butter and apple

2 cups Wheaties or Cheerios with Fat-Free Milk (can add raisins or banana) 

1 cup oatmeal with banana and 1 cup fat-free milk 

2 slices of whole wheat toast with 1 Tablespoon reduced fat peanut butter 

Meal 2 –Choose a sandwich of your choice 

2 slices of Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Bread

deli sliced turkey/grilled chicken/tuna

1 slice of fat-free cheese (optional) with 1 small baked potato or sweet potato 

(instead of baked potato, steamed vegetables or baked chips)

Meal 3–Choose a high protein snack 

protein bar or shake

Meal 4–

Just make a healthy choice!!! Choose a healthy meal!!!


Whole wheat pasta with grilled chicken or fish and steamed vegetables

Grilled chicken salad 

Chicken, brown rice, and vegetables

Meal 5—Before bedtime 

Protein bar with 1 non-fat yogurt and 1 fruit 


3 low-fat graham crackers with 2 Tablespoons reduced fat-peanut butter 


2 fat-free puddings with banana

Hope this helps you plan your meals and snacks!


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6 Responses to Day 130-Food choices from an expert, why undereating is unhealthy, and hair loss

  1. Steve says:

    Since a woman’s diet requirements are different from a man’s, would this plan be ok to incorporate?

    • Yes…this is a guide to help you make healthy food choices. I go by this same guide but I scale my calories back. My dietician recommends men eat anywhere from 1500-2000 calories depending on how active you are. For a very active woman, my trainer recommends 3000. I keep my calories anywhere from 1300-1500. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions anytime. I will do my best to answer them 🙂

  2. Tania says:

    Elizabeth – I have also heard that if you don’t incorporate enough healthy fats (oils, etc.) into your diet, it can affect your hair. Keep up the great work! You look wonderful!

  3. Brittany says:

    Don’t be so consumed by food. Let go a little, the whole reason to get healthy is to enjoy life and live a longer one. For one week just try eating foods that fuel your body without counting calories, and play outside for 45mins a day. I say play b/c you should have fun while doing some cardio. I bet you will see a difference and be happier. If you need a buddy, my coworkers and I make laps around crestwood during lunch, come join us. I don’t do oppression work outs, I like to laugh and have fun. And girl, you need some fun!

  4. Shaunn Howell says:

    Thank you for this info. My hubby and I are trying to eat healthier, cutting out fatty foods and cokes. Ive been needing some ideas for snacks and breakfast.

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