Day 128-Reunion weekend, the future of “No Excuses,” and bell peppers

Current weight: 154

Starting weight: 184

Goal weight: 145

Hello everyone! “No Excuses” is back after a short vacation.

This weekend I went home to Haleyville for my 20 year high school reunion. I had a good time. It was nice to see people I haven’t seen since graduation night. It is interesting to walk back into a room full of classmates after 20 years. Most have grown up and matured but you still have those certain people who haven’t changed one bit…and they are the one’s who need change the most. Maybe by our 50th reunion they will have caught up with the rest of us.

Festivities kicked off Saturday morning with the alumni parade (didn’t make it in time for that) and then the alumni luncheon at Haleyville Elementary School. I was the lone representative of the class of 1992 for that. A few people went to the cookout at city lake but the majority simply didn’t show up. I sat with 2 friends who graduated the year before me. We had a good time laughing and talking about the good ole days. The cheerleaders and alumni association fed us a delicious BBQ lunch. After that, I went out to the West house to take pictures for my mother’s class reunion. This was her 50 year celebration! I had a great time with members of her class! Our reunion was at 6pm at the American Legion. I bought a new dress a few weeks ago to wear. I had mom snap off pictures for you to see. The dress is 3 sizes smaller than when I started my weight loss journey. It was made well, fit great, and I was happy with the way I looked in it. It feels wonderful to pull on sizes I haven’t worn in a long time!! All it took was some dedication, hard work and determination. If I had not laid down the food and drinks that were putting the weight on me I would not have succeeded. Therefore I would not have gone home to my class reunion this weekend. If I was still at the same weight I would have felt uncomfortable and self conscious the entire night. Instead I was happy with myself and the way I was dressed. Making changes in your life, even small ones, can make a huge impact.








Monday, the last “No Excuses” piece will run, at least for a while. I am taking a break from the series but not from the lifestyle. Just because my reunion weekend is behind me doesn’t mean I don’t have other events coming up. My best friend is hopefully getting engaged next month so there will be a wedding coming up soon! Plus, I simply don’t want to get fat again. Now that I know how to lose the weight and keep it off I don’t plan to go back to my old habits. I am hoping to continue the blog as it helps me and you stay on track. If you are wanting to lose weight and want to know what I have done to drop 30 pounds click on the “No Excuses” blog and go back to day 1. Sure it is a lot of reading but if all you have to do is read that seems pretty simple. 🙂 I will let you know more about plans for “No Excuses” later this week.

Last night I ate the best dinner! I had steak, a few bites of a baked potato and a salad with tomatoes and green bell pepper. Normally I’m not a huge fan of bell pepper in a salad but I have to admit it really gives flavor and crunch to an otherwise boring plate of greens. The pepper was so fresh and had the best flavor! My dad has to be the biggest fan of bell pepper. He grows a huge garden with every kind of pepper you can plant. Several months ago when I had bad leg cramps the doctor suggested I eat bell pepper. So I thought I would pass this information along to all the bell pepper critics out there 😉 It really is good for you!

Click on this link to learn more:

I’ve also listed a link on our “No Excuses” Pinterest board that has 29 ways to cook bell pepper.

Click on this link to learn more.

Have a great day all!


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15 Responses to Day 128-Reunion weekend, the future of “No Excuses,” and bell peppers

  1. Such an inspiration! You look great!

  2. Bridgit Spivey says:

    you look great! I watched your journey loosing the weight. You look like a different person.

  3. Steve says:

    Be sure to be yourself. Enjoy the reunion.

  4. myra says:

    You look awesome!!

  5. Beth Salomonsky says:

    YEAH!!!!!! GO GIRL!!! Good for you! Now, go get rid of everything in your closet that is the 3 sizes bigger! That was something I had never done before and it makes a big difference. My brain is so trained that I still walk to the 2X rack while shopping and have to turn myself around everytime. It is all a process….Finish Strong!

    Beth Salomonsky

    • Thank you Beth-still a little nervous to get rid of those clothes as they are like a security blanke to me ha! I can’t wait to get them taken up and buy a few new things. Safety pins only go so far. Have a great day!

  6. Joyce Gray says:

    You look beautiful Elizabeth! Well worth the effort!

  7. Kerry Lowman Cox says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your weight loss journey. Congratulations! You look great and it’s amazing that you’ve gone down 3 sizes. As a side note, I’m a graduate of HHS (Class of 81).

  8. Elizabeth,You Look absolutely amazing!! keep up the good work!! It looks good on you!!!!

  9. Laura says:

    You look great, Elizabeth!

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