Day 114-My 2 Week Challenge, food lists, brown rice, and toned arms

Weight: 158.5

Starting weight: 184

Goal weight: 145




Today starts my 2 week weight loss and tone up challenge!!! I am hoping in the next 2 weeks I can drop 5-7 pounds (more would awsome of course but not pushing my luck ha!) and tighten up some lose spots 🙂 Ok don’t panic I know that seems like a lot of weight in a short amount of time-and it probably is. I went dress shopping last week and I am between sizes. I still don’t feel comfortable so if I can get these annoying few pounds off I will be able to better fit into my new size and I will be much closer to my goal weight. So how am I going to do this you ask? A lot of prayer, determination, grit, and will power!!!!

My promise is I am NOT going to skip meals, starve, dehydrate, take diet pills or anything like that. I haven’t done any of that since the day I started this diet and I don’t plan to start now. I am, however, going to really stay on top of my calorie intake, eat well, exercise and rest. This is what I’ve been doing from the start only I’ve gotten laxed with it lately, which could explain why my weight has been lagging (that bag of dill pickle and vinegar chips I ate yesterday probably wasn’t such a great food choice).

I’ve already gotten off to a good start. This morning I measured out 1/2 cup of oatmeal, threw in 2 Tbsps of raisins, 1 teaspoon of Splenda brown sugar and sprinkled on a little nutmeg (cinnamon would be awesome too). I mixed in a few ounces of skim milk and enjoyed a healthy, tasty, filling breakfast. I also took a multi-vitamin as to make sure I am getting the nutrients I need to keep my body on a healthy track.

So the bottom line is this…for the next 2 weeks I challenge you to do away with any and all bad eating habits. Kick the sugar, soda (diet too), high fat, high calorie, starchy foods to the curb and focus only on eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. WATCH YOUR SALT AND SODIUM INTAKE!!! Eat your meals and snacks and keep a check of your calories. Don’t go over 1500 and don’t drop below 1200.

Each day I will post what I’ve eaten, what exercise I’ve done, where my weight stands and any and all menu’s and advice for you to follow. Don’t look at this as something difficult. Look at it as something healthy. Do it for yourself, do it for your health, do it to fit into a new outfit. Whatever reason give it a try, don’t give up and see just what you can accomplish!!

So first things first…food choices. If you wonder what foods are good and what amount you should eat here is a run down.

PROTEIN: (4 oz. per serving)
– Chicken breast (skinless)
– Fish (i.e., halibut, tuna, salmon, swordfish)
– Lean lamb
– Lean steak
– Pork tenderloin
– Turkey

MEAT ALTERNATIVES: (4 oz. per serving unless noted otherwise)
– Beans/lentils/soybeans
– Egg substitute (3/4 cup)
– Egg whites (6 total)
– 2 eggs
– Nonfat cottage cheese (1/2 cup)
– Plain nonfat regular or soy yogurt (1 cup)
– Soy or meat alternative-based burger patty (less than 5 g fat per serving)
– Tempeh
VEGETABLES: (serving size 1-2 cups per vegetable; mixing OK!)
– Asparagus
– Bell peppers
– Bok Choy
– Broccoli
– Brussel sprouts
– Cabbage
– Cauliflower
– Celery
– Chard
– Collard
– Cucumber
– Green onion (scallion)
– Green beans
– Kale
– Mixed greens (endive, arugula, but NO iceberg lettuce)
– Mushrooms
– Parsley
– Radish
– Spinach

PROTEIN SHAKE FRUIT: (follow serving sizes listed for each fruit)
– 1/2 Banana
– 1/4 cup Blackberries
– 1/4 cup Blueberries
– 1 cup Boysenberries
– 1 cup Raspberries
– 1 cup Strawberries

FAT: (an optional addition to Protein Shake)
– Any omega-3 supplement
– Ground flax-seed (1 tbsp)
– Oils (1 tbsp)
– Coconut
– Canola
– Flax
– Fish (capsule okay)
– Hempseed
– Olive
– Safflower
– Sunflower

I am also adding, in a limited amount, brown rice. I know I have not been an advocate of this food but there are some interesting health benefits that come with eating this side dish (I cook mine in low sodium, fat-free chicken broth and it gives it a much better flavor).

I read a lot about foods, diet, fitness, nutrition, anything to help myself and you. I thought I would highlight a few of the more important nutrition facts about brown rice.

Relieves Constipation: The fibers present in brown rice, increase bowl movement, thus helping in reducing constipation.

Prevention of Asthma: According to researchers, increased intake of whole grains and fish could reduce the risk of childhood asthma by about fifty percent. The numerous anti-inflammatory compounds found in fish and brown rice help in reducing wheezing

It is widely believed that brown rice helps control blood pressure and also reduces wide fluctuations in blood sugar. The high fiber content of brown rice has a good effect on controlling cholesterol and cholesterol control is of prime importance in keeping away heart disease.

Brown rice also contains nutrients like, B vitamins, manganese, selenium and iron.

Brown has reduces the risk of colon cancer. Brown rice is packed full of fiber. One cup supplies 14% of our suggested daily intake of fiber. 

It is also beneficial for stomach and intestinal ulcers, and for curing the dreaded case of diarrhea. In fact, brown rice is one of the most easily digested starches, and what’s more – because of its high mineral content, brown rice supplies important nutrients for the hair, teeth, nails, muscles and bones.

Ok now we know what foods to start with…what about exercise. Go to our “No Excuses” Pinterest page by clicking this link. There you will find a pin called “The Eight Best Exercises.” This will help tone those arms and give them definition.

I look forward to hearing about your experience with this challenge! And remember…





Good luck to us all!


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6 Responses to Day 114-My 2 Week Challenge, food lists, brown rice, and toned arms

  1. Rhea says:

    so proud of you and your accomplishments!! Keep it up! Love you!

    • Thank you Rhea Lynn! I owe a lot of it to you and that app you told me about. Will be glad when the rest of the weight is gone!!! Hope things are well with you! Love you!

  2. Lauren says:

    I like the brown rice in the individual cups. I think the brand is Minute Rice. 🙂

  3. Carolyn Durham says:

    In a time crunch, you may want to try MickyD’s new Blueberry banana nut oatmeal. It is rather tastey. It is a generous portion and only 290 calories.

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