Day 111-Mixed fruit, my sweet Grandma, and peanut butter

Weight today: 156

Starting weight: 184

Goal weight: 145

I love kiwi. I love strawberries. I love watermelon. I love cheese. That my friends is today’s lunch of choice. Good for you and refreshing. And, yes it has calories but if you track your food intake it shouldn’t be a problem to get those fresh fruits in your day.

Lisa and I are lined up for our usual Saturday walk. We haven’t been to walk together in about 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to catching up. After our walk, I’ve got to go to Hartselle for my niece’s birthday. We had to postpone last week due to my brother’s sickness.

My grandma can’t come. She is having a very tough time physically. She has a bad heart but it is her hip that gives her the most problems. You have to understand she has always been a very independent woman. I’ve never even known her to be in the hospital but maybe twice and that has been within the last 2 years and only overnight stays. She broke her leg at the barn one time, set it and walked back to the house. That is how tough she is. She is 92 years old now and age is catching up with her. It won’t be long until she is completely wheel chair bound. She has fought that for about as long as she can. She lives by herself but my parents are next door and she has great neighbors on the other side. It is very sad to see such a strong determined woman fade into an image that you don’t recognize.

How many of you like peanut butter? We’ve discussed this little piece of paradise before. I keep Jiff to Go cups in my desk drawer. I know the calorie count and they provide me with a high protein snack. I eat one just about every day. It keeps me from falling apart during the  news as I can sometimes feel my blood sugar drop during the late part of the day.

My grandaddy West always said feed peanut butter and watermelons to hogs to fatten them up. What grandaddy failed to realize is peanut butter in moderation is ok! D-1 Trainer and good friend Dawn recommends eating peanut butter everyday. I know you are thinking–what about cholesterol, weight, etc…here are a few reason’s I’ve found doing research to enjoy your PB.

Peanut butter is known to prevent or reduce type 2 diabetes, gallstones, cholesterol, cancer. It is high in dietary fiber, good source of vitamins and minerals, and according to some websites it contains resveratrol, an antimicrobial agent that helps fight bacteria, viruses and colds.

Have a great day all!
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2 Responses to Day 111-Mixed fruit, my sweet Grandma, and peanut butter

  1. Becky says:

    Now I don’t feel guilty for eating my pb 🙂

  2. Jerianne Trammell says:

    I am a peanut butter kind of gal too!

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