Day 110-Stress and weight gain, how it affects the body, and cheese!

Yesterday was a really bad day. It had nothing to do with work. It was personal. I mean it was really bad. The stress of dealing with people, relationships, our own mistakes and short comings, can take its toll not only on our emotional health but also on our weight. Did you know stress can make you fat? Maybe that is why the scale isn’t moving in the downward position 🙂

My friend Dawn, who is a trainer at D-1 in South Huntsville, told me at the beginning of my diet journey to do away with as much stress as possible. Focus only on the positive things in my life and ignore the negative. She told me that stress can contribute to weight gain. One reason has to do with cortisol, a stress hormone. I know after pushing my body to the limit last night I feel exhausted, old, cranky, and not as healthy. My mind and body feel depleted of anything good. I know that cannot be healthy. I am certain I am not the only person who goes through rough times. I wanted to do some research on stress and weight gain to share with all of you. Here is what I found…

Chronic stress and cortisol can contribute to weight gain by:

–slowing down your metabolism, making dieting more difficult

–chronic stress tends to make people crave more fatty, salty and sugary foods. I like to call these “comfort” foods because they make up for whatever is lacking in your life. The downside to these delicious foods is they are typically less healthy and lead to increased weight gain.

–prolonged stress can alter blood sugar levels, heart attacks and diabetes

–excessive stress can lead to storing more fat around our abdominal area, which leads to a greater health risk than fat stored in other parts of the body

So now that we know the risks what can we do to reverse the pattern of weight gain and actually reduce stress? Click on this link to read the 25 ways to stay calm and manage the stress in your life. Surly you can do at least 5 things on this list.

I love cheese! I mean who doesn’t, right? Sometimes I’ll go across the street to Kroger and pick up fruit for lunch. On the back wall of the refrigerator section I grab 2 individual square cheese packs (sharp cheddar and Colby Jack are 2 of my favorites). Both are really smooth and make a good snack for later in the day. Growing up I ate cheese all the time. It was my favorite food in the world. Mom would buy those pack of Kraft slices and I could eat them in a day (that is why she monitored my cheese consumption). When I went to my grandparent Gentle’s house PawPaw always kept cheese for his girl. He would buy that hoop cheese with the red plastic coating on it. I would sit in his lap and sing “Where The Roses Never Fade” while he cut off hunks of that delicious dairy product for me to eat. Such great memories! Anyway…too much cheese consumption can keep you out of the bathroom for a few days but it does have it’s health benefits too.

Cheese is loaded with calcium for strong bones, strong teeth, it is low in sodium, it boosts weight for those who need a little meat on their bones, and because it contains calcium and Vitamin D it is a good way to prevent osteoporosis. So enjoy your cheese–just watch how much of it you eat!

Happy day all!


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