Day 109-Food cravings, why it’s called a DIET, and apple cider vinegar

Weight loss to date: 29 pounds

Weight loss goal: 145 pounds

Many people ask me what foods I crave since I’ve been on a diet the past 100 + days. Mostly the food cravings have passed. I don’t fall apart anymore if I don’t eat the foods I once loved. I look at food differently than I did a few months ago. Somedays I can’t look at it all. I have days where getting even a few strawberries down is difficult. I’m not sure why that is unless my stomach has shrunk. I know eating well below my calorie range is dangerous and I am trying not to do that. I’m working diligently on keeping track of my foods so that I have enough nutrition through the day.  

Someone stopped me the other day and said “honey you don’t need to call this a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.” No it is a diet. A diet is something you do to lose weight. It means giving up delicious heavy foods for lean low-calorie meals. A diet is something that rules your life and for some becomes a stumbling block causing them to quit. A healthy lifestyle is just a kinder way of saying “she’s on a diet.” I get the changes I am making are changes that will need to follow me the rest of my life but it is still a diet. I call it as I see it 🙂

Do you like the taste of apple cider vinegar? Probably not to drink straight but many of you likely use it to clean or cook with. I use it to make white sauce for BBQ I also like the taste of it in slaw (with a little sugar mixed in for flavor of course). Apple cider vinegar is actually beneficial to anyone who is on a diet…yep I said that word again–DIET.

Here is why….

Apple cider vinegar lowers blood pressure and balances sodium levels. Mix 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 Tbsp honey in 8 ounces of water before meals.

It will relieve muscle cramps, increase energy and soothe you to sleep as it helps with insomnia.

There is a very interesting article on Pinterest that everyone trying to shed weight needs to read. It is posted to our No Excuses Pinterest site. When you go to our page, click on this picture for the full article.


“Misconceptions about how to lose weight abound, especially on the Internet. Get the facts on shedding pounds now: Start by dispelling these 10 commonly held – but wholly inaccurate – notions. “


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4 Responses to Day 109-Food cravings, why it’s called a DIET, and apple cider vinegar

  1. Hey Elizabeth, my hubby and I have recently began our new “lifestyle” diet…. We are on day 7 and already feeling so much better. I have been following your blog for a while and am so proud of you. I just want to let you know I appreciate the tips you post. I need the encouragement and always am looking for healthy alternatives…. Thanks and keep up the good work….

  2. Darlene says:

    What picture do I click on Elizabeth? I am sorry to bother you, but I can’t get
    this to come up…….

  3. Darlene says:

    I have clicked on everything….clicked on the web address you provided but nowhere do I find any
    picture of apples and a pitcher of vinegar…..
    I am not a member of pinterest tho…really wanted to read this but I just cannot find it.

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