Day 102-Victoria’s Secret, admitting your weight, and healthy peanut butter balls




Many of you have commented on Monday’s emotional No Excuses piece. I appreciate the kind words and support. We all know it is not easy to slim down. It is even more difficult when you do this process in public. I think it has been a great teaching tool not only for myself but for all of you interested in losing weight or struggling with the same battles. I hope you’ve been able to learn something or maybe it motivated you to take that first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Monday morning the second part of my “No Excuses” piece will run. This one tackles a lot of deep issues. Likely you can find yourself relating to what I’m going through. Be sure to watch it on WAFF-48 News Today.

The goal of this weight loss piece was not only to slim down and show you ways to lose weight but to do it without expensive diet products, pills or surgery. Let me say, I know there are many who needed these options to lose weight under a doctor’s care. For me though I wanted to do it the old-fashioned way…cut out bad foods, incorporate more healthy ones and exercise.

This could have gone one of 2 ways…I could have not lost a single pound or gained. I owe a big “thank you” to our marketing department who plastered my weight on that scale in the very first “No Excuses” promo. I went back and forth as to whether I should share my weight on this blog but our marketing team took care of that for me-on air. Ha!! I am grateful they did. If they had not posted my weight that first day I would have played around, got tired of dieting, cheated, and probably quit. You wouldn’t have known because you didn’t know my exact weight. But by putting it out there, it held my feet to the fire.

I hear women say “Oh I don’t know how you did it-shared your weight and measurements with the world. I could never do that.” Here’s my answer. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell when somebody is fat. You can likely guess their weight within a few pounds. So what are you hiding and why is it such a secret? I doubt you are going to walk into a store and announce over the loud-speaker “hey I weigh ____ pounds and I need a size ____ dress.” But I see nothing wrong with saying how much you weigh out loud…even if you only say it to yourself in the mirror. Step on the scale, say the weight out loud. See if it makes your back straighten just a little with pride or maybe saying how much you weigh out loud will inspire you to want to see less poundage on the scale.

Women are looked at like we are supposed to be Victoria Secret models…a size zero with long flowing hair, slim hips, pencil thin stomach, and a nice full chest. I got news for the people who look at us that way…we are all different. I don’t want to be a runway model I just want to be a knock out 😉

A lot of emphasis is placed on body image. I have a niece who looks like she could be my own child (bless her through the teenage years but Mary Beth it will get better sweetie ha!) she is thin as a rail and she’s active. I was too at her age but life and stress catches up with you. I don’t want to see that happen to her. She is kind of a picky eater but when she eats she goes all out. I snicker about her strong appetite but I do worry she could have a weight issue one day. I would never say that to her though. I fully support my sweet girl and I know even if she gains a lot of weight one day or stays thin she will still be that beautiful girl who melts her Aunt Cizzy’s heart with every hug and kiss she gives me. I think staying on somebody because of weight or the way a person looks is setting their self-esteem up to fail. I can’t think of one person who wants to be judged constantly. We just want to be liked for who we are. I may not be that bean pole thin girl I was growing up but I didn’t turn out so bad either.

WAFF-48 Meteorologist Brian Fowler shared 2 great recipes with me yesterday. Brian is a very healthy, clean eater and he works out religiously. Good health is very important to him so I trust the food choices he shares with me. I am planning to make these peanut butter balls this weekend. Enjoy!

Brian Fowler’s Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

Recipe #1

* 1 cup oats

* 1/2 cup Honey

* 1/2 cup Peanut Butter

* 1 Cup powdered milk

* 1/4 cup ground flax (optional)

* chocolate chips (optional)

 Mix Together and roll into balls

Recipe #2

* 1 cup honey

* 1 cup peanut butter

* 3 cups oats

* 1/2 cup ground flax seeds

* any combination of chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruit

 Mix all ingredients together and roll into balls. Chill to prevent stickiness.

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4 Responses to Day 102-Victoria’s Secret, admitting your weight, and healthy peanut butter balls

  1. Beth Salomonsky says:


    I have the greatest admiration for you for being self-confident enough to do this story from start to finish. I have completed my journey, at the hands of weight-loss surgery, and now realize that it is ALL a daily CHOICE that we make individually. I started at 301 and stay now between 172-176 at 6’2″ and female. I don’t know that I will EVER be completely happy with the way my body looks! Loose skin around my waist, neck, and other areas and my feet are still huge and flat!!! I have to keep reminding myself just HOW much healthier I am! I guess one tell-tale sign of something positive is when I went to see my general surgeon yesterday and he didn’t know who I was:=)
    I wish you all the luck in the world and, again, greatly admire your courage and transparency. You will touch so may lives this way!!

    Many blessings,

    Beth Salomonsky

    • Beth-you are so sweet! I am super proud of you! I know you are healthier and happier too. Why is it we still see the imperfections when we should see the accomplishments? I guess its because we are just human.

      Thank you again and many blessings your way too!

  2. joseph says:

    I’m a guy and have enjoyed your journey. You are a knock out and my wife said I can say that. Don’t get too caught up in trying to find perfection. You can actually be considered overweight and still be healthy. I’m concerned about that. Don’t let it consume you.

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