Day 88-Rushing like a mad woman, scale addiction, and tummy toner

Wow! This has been such a busy day. I’ve been busy with stories for our April 27th special that runs Thursday night and Friday morning. It is amazing how far some of our neighbors have come since that terrible day nearly a year ago. It is also heartbreaking to see those still suffering from the twisters, not only from April 27th, but from the most recent round too.

I’m having trouble dragging myself away from the scales these days. There is nothing that gets into my mind more than seeing those red digital numbers between my toes. I use to never weigh myself but now it has become an obsessive habit. I know I need to not wake up in the middle of the night and drag myself to the scale to make sure I haven’t gained weight during the night but it has become a way of life these days. Am I going overboard? I would say yes. When the weight starts coming off it really can change your whole way of life. I made a promise to myself today though that I would not weigh for a few days…I’m sure I’ll go through withdrawals. ha!

Looking to tone your stomach? Try these workout tips 🙂

Have a great day everyone!



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One Response to Day 88-Rushing like a mad woman, scale addiction, and tummy toner

  1. Jill Crosby says:

    I know the feeling, when I am losing, I can’t wait to weigh myselt. Then one day at the gym it jumped up 4 pounds in one day!! I felt so down in the dumps the rest of the day and was so dissappointed in myself. I felt like all the exercise and dieting was not worth it. Then after the weekend my weight was back to what it was — I think it was an adjustment problems with scales at the gym. Then my mood really improved. I keep plugging along.
    Taking a break does help.

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