Day 87-Frustration, reasons for losing weight, and a healthy smoothie recipe

Today’s weight: 159

Starting weight: 184

Goal weight: 145

Wouldn’t you know it! Just when I get down into the 150’s my weight climbs 2 pounds. Sometimes I get so frustrated with this whole weight loss situation. I know it happens, weight fluctuates but it can be a little disappointing when you step on the scale and see the numbers edging up. Maybe I shouldn’t weigh myself 4 or 5 times in the morning  hoping I will see a change ha! It is quiet possible I ate too much sodium yesterday. I was starving for hot wings, and even though they were baked, they had a pretty high sodium content. That is likely why I feel puffy today. I’ll stay away from anything laced with sodium for a few days and see if that helps.

Is it possible to become obsessed with weight loss? If so, I’ve got a double dose of it right now. If I think I’ve gained even 1/2 a pound I panic. I think that is natural, somewhat anyway ha! The last thing I want to do is go backwards and gain all that weight back. I would be devastated if I looked like that again. I’m at a happy place still working on getting those last stubborn 12 (now 14) pounds off. My mom says I didn’t gain weight overnight and it won’t come off overnight. She is right but it sure feels like it doesn’t take long for the weight to come back on.

My high school reunion is about 5 weeks away. That is one reason I wanted to tackle this  challenging weight loss journey. But even if I don’t go I have other reasons for wanting to trim down. My health being the main reason. Someone was telling me the other day that they dropped a lot of weight because they were on every kind of medication possible. Once they got their weight down, the doctor was able to take them off a lot of the meds they were on. I don’t want to take anything! I don’t even like to take pain reliever for headaches. So it is best to get things under control while you can before you are forced to camp out at the pharmacy.

I found a recipe that is healthy but remember to count the calories! We all know bananas are filled with fiber and potassium, but what about the peanut butter? Well, all butters are high in fat, but they contain a healthy kind of fat. So when consumed in moderation, it can actually be very beneficial to your health

Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe




2 frozen bananas sliced into small chunks

1/4 cup oats and grains

1/4 cup unsalted peanut butter

2 cups skim milk

1 tsp low-calorie sweetener

(optional) 1/4 cup vanilla Greek yogurt (plain flavor works too if you want the added nutrients but not the vanilla flavor)

  1. First, put your oats and grains into blender and blend until they’re very powdery.
  2. Add your remaining ingredients and blend them until there are no more chunks of frozen banana pieces (or until desired consistency).
  3. Garnish with a few fresh organic banana slices if desired.

Servings (yield) : Makes about 2 servings

Notes : Another variation on this recipe is to use unsalted almond butter instead of the peanut butter which is even healthier for you, and has a nice sweetness to it. You can also add some milk or dark chocolate (I like dark, especially with the almond butter) to the recipe if you want a chocolate treat. A healthy way to add chocolate is to use raw cacao powder, which is full of antioxidants and is high in magnesium and iron. It also has a generous amount of calcium, copper, zinc, and potassium. If you find the smoothie isn’t sweet enough, try adding some more Stevia powder or some honey or agave syrup. Enjoy!

I get a lot of good ideas for weight loss from different websites. Pinterest is by far my favorite. I thought I would post this to help give you some ideas for low-calorie snacks. Snacking is ok…if you keep the calories low and remember to keep up with them.

Have a happy day!



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5 Responses to Day 87-Frustration, reasons for losing weight, and a healthy smoothie recipe

  1. Darlene says:


    You didn’t put the excess on overnight, and the painful truth is……………… takes far longer to
    take it off than it did to get the weight on……and it is a lot of work to get it off.
    Take it from me:
    I have high blood pressure
    I have OsteoArthritis in all major joints and my back
    I have kidney disease
    for me the worst threat is that I am pre-diabetic

    All of which would be improved if I could get down to goal weight. I am working my way there
    with you as an inspiration………..even though you are a lot younger than I am. Please please
    don’t give up on yourself and your weightloss journey as in the long run you are giving up on

  2. Mary Cattadoris says:

    Elizabeth, try not to get discouraged. Your 2 lb. weight gain might just simply be water gain or muscle gain from the walking you did over the weekend. As I’ve gotten older I don’t pay too much attention to my scale but I do pay attention to the way that my clothes look and feel. I also don’t weigh every day because my weight can fluctuate so much from day to day. Hang in there!!

  3. Kenja says:

    I was wandering if you can either blog or do a tv segment on women and stress and how even the best diet regimen’s can hinder a woman’s weight loss when cortisol levels are high and how to get past this hurdle. I am a mother of 2 (A 13 YO teenager and a 10 yo pre-teen), a wife of a husband that’s in law enforcement and have a disorder (multiple sclerosis) that makes it SO much harder for me to meet and maintain my goals/success. My stress and frustration level stays at maximum capacity most always. It’s so frustrating and brings on a lot of stress when I do what I can to lose weight b/c of my ms, and it takes so much longer to reach the same goal as it would for a healthy person. I have lost almost 30 lbs but it’s been over the course of 6 months. Can you suggest ways for me to get past this?

    Plus, how can I find a good dietician? It’s funny how many insurance’s want to have the right to charge overweight policyholder’s a higher premium but when I reach out to my insurance, they say that it won’t cover any portion for me to see one. I don’t have a lot of disposable income to pay a high price for one. Any suggestions? Sorry I have so many questions for you, but I know that you are doing a great job and have sought out tips from experts on how to do get healthier the right way. Thanks!

  4. Becky says:

    Boy do I understand the weight gain,but listen to your mom,the weight didn’t happen overnight so it won’t go away any faster. You have inspired me & I’m back on track,with my work schedule & a house full of guys( hubby,16 & 22)it’s hard.
    About the smoothie recipe,what’s oats & grains?
    Don’t forget,you’re doing awesome & you’re inspiring many 🙂

  5. Elizabeth,
    I’ve been dieting, or what I have decided to call eating healthier for the past 6 months. I have lost about 20 pounds. I was going to the doctor and weighing in every 2 weeks but my weight loss seemed to stop and I was getting frustrated so I stopped going and weighing. I’m sure I have probably gained some back, but not enough to show in my clothes. I have just decided to watch what I eat, don’t buy the junk and I won’t eat it. No fried foods and as little sweets and sausage biscuits as can manage to stay away from. I do have weak moments and stop and get a $1.00 sausage Mcmuffin every once in a while, but I try not to beat myself up about it. My son is getting married next June and I know that it will take a while to loose the weight for the wedding that I want to loose so I am trying to start early. Also, the mother of the groom dresses I have discovered run about 2 sizes small, as if I need that little pick me up. ha ha !! I guess what I’m saying is you are doing so well, and trying so hard. Give YOURSELF A BREAK !! It’s just water weigh. You are being and eating healthy. It’s really hard to loose and takes longer to take it off than to put it on. Just keep doing what your doing and have a cheat day once a week and go to dinner and have whatever you want (in moderation) sometimes your system just needs to be fooled and jump started. Then the next day go back to your routine. Think how much better off you are now than when you started. Best of luck and hang in there!!!

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