Day 86-A strained muscle, mental block, new attitude, and recipe for mac and cheese

Today’s weight: 157.5

Starting weight: 184

Goal weight: 145

Happy Monday all! Hope you had a great weekend! Time to start another busy work week. Hope it is drama free, stress free and something good happens to you this week.

Saturday my friend Lisa and I tried out the MapMyRun app I mentioned a few posts back. This is a really cool app. It is not just for people who run. You can set it to whatever exercise you are doing, walking, swimming, cycling, etc. The app talks to you by telling you how many miles you’ve gone, how fast your pace is, and how many hours/minutes/seconds you are exercising. We walked 5.33 miles at 1:35:35. Not bad! On the last lap of the walk I pulled something vital in my hip and knee.  A good rub down in horse liniment, a heating pad and ice pack, Aleve and munching on a pain pill later, I am feeling better. I just have to take it easy when I get up and down. Mercy! My age must be catching up with me 🙂 Anyway, if you haven’t tried this app I highly recommend it. It is one of those “no brainer” apps that does everything but exercise for you 🙂

I’m craving one of my all time favorite foods–hot wings. So tonight I’m going to bake some in the oven with a powdered wing sauce I found at the grocery store. You put the wings in a baking bag with a packet of buffalo seasoning on top, tie it up and let them bake. The calorie count is much lower than eating the deep-fried wings from a restaurant. I’ve got a bag of steak fries that I will bake in the oven too. That will give me a carb that will sustain my hunger. No. I won’t eat the entire bag. I’ll count out the number of fries that fit into my calorie plan. Remember-discipline. 🙂 I’ve also planned out turkey taco’s and spinach lasagna rolls to eat for the week. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

While walking Saturday Lisa mentioned something I haven’t thought about. I’m so worried about gaining back weight that in my mind I have turned myself against food and eating. That is something I cannot do. My body needs food to keep going. My mind needs to take a chill pill and realize that I have common sense enough to avoid the pitfalls of overeating. I felt helpless when I was overweight. The food was taking over my mind. How did I let that happen? How did I have such low self-esteem that I allowed myself to become overweight and unhappy?

It is true when people say your attitude and outlook changes when you slim down. My confidence level is at much happier place than it was a few months ago. I feel better about myself and I see the pretty girl who was there but hidden behind a swollen face and fat rolls. I was looking in the mirror this morning and I actually smiled at the reflection looking back at me. I look younger, I feel better (minus the pulled muscle) and I am happier with the world (except for people who drive slow in the fast lane. I’ll never be happy about that!).

Some people are skeptical or scared of losing weight. They think they can’t do it or will fail. If that is your attitude you will fail. If you have to make up your mind that slimming down and getting healthy is what you want to do. You can’t do it for someone else, you have to do it for yourself. If I can do it, anyone can!

Last week I got the sweetest letter from a lady from Harvest. She follows my weight loss progress and sent me a recipe for (drum roll please) Mac and Cheese! This is a slimmed down version and fits in perfect for those of you on Weight Watchers. I wanted to share her recipe with all of you! Thank you Kathleen!

4 ounces evaporated skim milk (or 2/3 cup)

1/3 cup dry milk

2 Tablespoons diet margarine

1 1/3 cup cooked macaroni

4 ounces shredded cheese (mild cheddar)

Combine all ingredients and bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees

I’ll have to try it! I bet it’s yummy!

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3 Responses to Day 86-A strained muscle, mental block, new attitude, and recipe for mac and cheese

  1. Darlene says:

    Sorry about the pulled muscle Elizabeth….hope you get to feeling better. Just as an FYI, you look
    super on tv…
    Let us know how the macaroni n cheese turns out. My husband doesn’t really care for mac n cheese for some reason, so when I really want some so bad I am afraid I will overdo, I buy one of
    the little single packs and savor it….

  2. Kenja says:

    I know what you mean when you talk about your brain starts going over the top obsessed over what you eat, calorie counting and is todays excersises enough to cover all I’ve eaten and then some…It can be a difficult balancing act; one that I have yet to master and to be honest, I probably won’t ever but I know that all I can do is my best and not try to become overly fixated about it. One thing I totally disagree with you on is that you looked beautiful before the weight loss and you look beautiful during and I’m sure that you’ll look beautiful after. Self-esteem comes from within and not from your body size. It makes me sad when someone conciders themselves less than b/c their body doesn’t look like what “society” says it should. I totally understand the logic though. You are doing fabulous! Keep up the incredible hard work!!

  3. Amelia says:

    Sorry about your strained muscle……Get rest (if you can) and drink lots of water to flush the toxins. You are doing awesome! Thanks for the recipe …

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