Day 82-Busy day, words hurt, and what was for lunch?

Today’s weight: 157.5

Starting weight: 184

Weight loss to date: 26.5 pounds

Weight left to lose: 12 1/2 pounds


So today has been busy! Busy! Busy! I was in court covering a bond hearing on a murder case. Covering court cases has always been one of my favorite things to do. I wish I had a list of the number of cases I’ve covered in my 12 years at WAFF. I enjoying blogging court cases the most as a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to sit in court and listen to testimony. In a time of ever evolving technology having the ability to blog makes it so much easier for people to keep up. We have some really cool judges too who allow us to bring laptops and cell phones into court in order to bring you real-time information. Thank you to our local judges for their patience and consideration.

While I was covering today’s hearing I checked my Twitter account and found a nasty tweet that read “take the stairs fatty.” At first that kind of stung but then I remembered “hey, I’m not fat!” I can take the stairs, and even run up them in heels if I want without getting out of breath (we had to go to the 8th floor of the courthouse and the stairs only go part of the way up so you have to take the elevator the rest of the way).  Had I not have lost the weight, that statement would have crushed my soul. I know I look good now so I have nothing to worry about. I have class and I know how to behave in social settings and on social media. That person, who took the time to send a tacky message, lacks any raising whatsoever and needs a good beating behind the wood shed.  

Did you eat a good lunch today? Mine has been on my desk for over an hour untouched. I actually stopped by Subway for lunch but cannot bring myself to eat it. I ordered tuna on wheat, no mayo, no cheese with tomatoes and pickles. I know its good but I am just not in the mood. I will try to swallow down a few bites before the 4pm news. If I don’t eat I’ll fall apart on air and I don’t think anyone wants to see me melt in my chair from hunger. ha!

Today I am wearing a pair of pants that actually fit. I’ve had them for years. They zip on the side and when my hips were larger, the pressure would force the zipper to bust open when I sat down ha! (that can be dangerous). Today, they not only zip and stay zipped they make my tummy and waist line look thin (no pockets or pleats are a good thing). This weekend I may sew me up a dress or a few new tops. I like things that fit and I certainly need some new clothes. I’ve got a pattern, a sewing machine, cloth and my measurements. Now all I need is a little time 🙂

Sorry to cut this blog short but I’ve got to get ready for the 4pm news.

Hope you all have a great day…by the way don’t let someone else’s misery drag you down. Remember what your momma said “honey attracts more flies than vinegar.” But if you are looking for something a little stronger remember what your dad taught you “use them sticks and stones to break their bones.” ha!! Kidding!!!

Happy day all-



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16 Responses to Day 82-Busy day, words hurt, and what was for lunch?

  1. Linda Craig says:

    I was just thinking this morning as I watch you. You look skinny. Time to slow down. LOL You are looking THIN. Thanks for all you have done.

    • Thank you Linda-I feel thin…much thinner than I did 26 1/2 pounds ago. I will probably stop when I hit my goal. We all know losing the last several pounds can be tricky 🙂

  2. Ruby says:

    You look great!!! So happy that you dont let stupid people get to you. You go girl!!!

  3. Barbars mays says:

    I think you look great and keep up the good work. The person that tweet those hateful words more than likely never used the stairs themself.

  4. david black says:

    Ive been wanting to say all along, i thought you looked good before tha diet, so after that nasty tweet i thought now is tha time. Dont ever let people like that get to you, conscider who they are, i can assure you they are not perfect. Your determination is to be commended, i wish i had that kind of will power. I agree with Linda, slow down a little, if that zipper stays zipped thats a good slow down point. Personally i like a woman with curvers, skinny women are…just skinny. Thanks for all your updates, love to read em, fresh strawberrys are in, go get you some and enjoy, have a great night 🙂

  5. Debbie Logan says:

    I can’t believe that person would tweet such a nasty, hateful thing. Obviously, they don’t know what fat is because you are NOT fat. I am so glad to see you are with 12.5 pounds of your goal. I hope to get there myself one day soon….now if they tweeted that about me they would have been right. LOL! Keep up the good work and the faith!

  6. M.M. says:

    Sound like some one is JEALOUS!! So glad you kept your head up!! Looking GREAT!!

  7. Darlene says:

    Some people – Elizabeth – have no raising. You are looking great. You are not fat….
    You will get to your goal. However, I am sure you know there are some nutcases
    out there, so do be careful. Jealousy has reared its’ ugly head.

  8. Sherry says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog. I have watched you for years and I think you look great. I think it is commendable that you are so honest with your posts. Do not let someone with no class get to you. Keep up the good work. It’s hard work!

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