Day 79-Another goal achieved and how to move past weight loss stall

Today’s weight: 158.5

Starting weight: 184

Weight loss to date: 25.5 pounds

Drum roll please…………I hit another weight loss goal!!! I am down 25 1/2 pounds! Remember, I was stuck around 162 for a few weeks. I weighed this morning and there it was —proof on the scale that I have moved past that plateau and am now down 4 more pounds! I am so excited to finally see some movement. I will likely hit another plateau before I’m finished but that is to be expected.

I’ve adjusted my calorie intake some what and swapped up some foods that were causing burnout. I don’t normally let me calories go over 1500 or drop below 1300 but I thought it might help trick my metabolism.  So if you are sticking to one particular calorie range it may be a good idea to eat a little more one day, a little less the next.

If you missed my “No Excuses” report this morning it will re-air during WAFF-48 News Now starting at 4 pm. Be sure to tune in. I’m taking your questions to the dietician for answers!

I read an interesting article recently about weight loss stall. I thought I would share the link on my blog for those of you dealing with the same issue. This article is good because it not only lists reasons, but solutions too.

8 reasons you aren’t losing weight: can’t lose weight, even though your diet is stellar and you rarely eat chocolate ? You’re not alone.  Click on the link to find some helpful information.

Sorry to cut this blog short. I have much more to post but I’ve got a story to run out and cover. Besides, I can’t use all my good stuff in one day, right? 😉

Happy Monday!



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