Day 74-A vacation from my vacation, green beans, and no more jiggles

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog the past few days you know I’ve been off work enjoying some “me” time. ha! I had a lot of things to do around the house from landscape and cleaning to painting. I didn’t get around to the paint as it was cloudy and cold when I left Lowe’s in Athens. I may tackle that project this weekend. I cannot stand little black scratches on the wall. I have rubbed the paint off the wall in the kitchen going out to the garage as my bag always seems to rub against it. I’ve got some touch ups to make there along the trim. I like home improvement projects but I am quickly learning it is expensive to keep a place up.

Since I’ve been off, I also took a break from dieting and logging food. I think those few days really helped get my mind straight again. I didn’t go over my calories and made sure I still ate healthy and got plenty of exercise but I didn’t log my food or worry about it if I ate something I really wanted. Today I’m back at work-which means I’m back on a diet. I am logging calories as usual and keeping a close check on my food intake. I weighed this morning and all was right in the world. My weight is 161.5 making my total weight loss so far 22 1/2 pounds. I am pretty happy with that accomplishment 🙂 Still have about 15 pounds left to go.

One thing I’ve noticed is since I started dieting is that my stomach seems to have shrunk. I can’t hardly eat an entire plate of food anymore. I eat about half now and I’m full. I usually put the other half in the fridge to eat later. Now that isn’t always the case as I get really hungry the more exercise I do, of course. I have to compensate for the calories lost. While I just mentioned I don’t eat as much since I started my diet, I do get hungry with workouts. Adding a carb, like brown rice or 1/2 a baked potato, maybe some peanut butter and whole wheat crackers, has helped to fill me up and keep my blood sugar level. 

When I was a kid my mom wouldn’t let me leave the table until I ate my green beans. I spent a lot of time at her kitchen table as I refused to take one bite! To this day, I still cannot stand green beans. I can’t get past the smell to like them. When grandmother was able to garden, she would plant rows and rows of green beans. They would cook them in the pressure cooker to eat or can. I didn’t mind stringing and snapping them but I want no part of making a meal out of green beans. Despite my disdain for this particular garden favorite it does serve as a very healthy food. Eating your vegetables is critical to good health. Last night I cooked fresh broccoli for about 3-5 minutes in hot water, immediately put it in a cold water to shock it and stop the cooking process. I put a slice of cheese on top and viola! broccoli and cheese and boy was it good!!!

The American Heart Association recommends that people consume at least 5 servings of vegetables per day. The darker the color of a leafy green, the higher the antioxidants. Eating more salads is great. But take it a step further and learn to try spinach, arugula, and other greens rather than iceberg lettuce.

Eating more of these dark, leafy greens means you will get more vitamins A, B, C, E and K.  Vitamin A helps with your vision, B increases metabolism, C with your immune system, E reduces free radicals, and K can help with osteoporosis. The fiber found in dark, leafy greens helps with digestion. So the next time your mom tells you to eat your greens, listen to her. The health benefits far outweigh missing desert because you refused to eat green beans 🙂

Instead of walking this week I am focusing on weights. Some of my target areas include arms, shoulders, thighs. All you need is a set of weights and 30 minutes. Here is a great chart to help you firm and tone up. Let me know what exercises you are doing this week!

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7 Responses to Day 74-A vacation from my vacation, green beans, and no more jiggles

  1. Geri McCleery says:

    I wish you the best and have been watching since you started. I think you are about to get me up off the chair. I am about 25 lbs more than should be, so I am going to try to join in on the fun.

    • Please do! 25 pounds is nothing! You can drop it following a 1500 calorie diet. Be sure to log your food and stay away from sweets and heavy carbs. Let me know your progress 😉

  2. S. Renee Prasil says:

    So proud of you!!! For ‘doing’ and for being brave enough to ‘share’-you go, girl! 🙂

  3. shannon says:

    I was curious on what app you are curious on couting your calories??

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