Day 72 & 73-Working outside, funny moment shopping for paint, and finger lickin good ribs

Weight: 161.5

Starting weight: 184

Weight loss to date: 22 1/2 pounds

Hello everyone! Today I am combining 2 days worth of blog posts. I’ve been off work a few days and I have been so busy! Yesterday my parents came up to help me rework my landscape. When the house was built last year, the workers threw down some mulch and a few plants and called it finished. Clearly it wasn’t enough to fill up the large area in front of my house. We put down a landscape border, hostas, variegated monkey grass, a hydrangea bush, and some kind of greenery called Stella something or another that produces yellow blooms. We also added landscape lights and flood lights to help accent the landscape at night. It really looks nice but for the record 8 hours worth of bending over, squatting, lifting, hoeing, raking, planting, watering, raking and hooking up lights likely burned more calories than 45 minutes of any intense boot camp. ha! My lower back is a little tender and my groin muscle is in a wad otherwise I feel great!

This morning I ran over to Lowe’s in Athens to buy paint. I had planned to touch up my walls and trim but didn’t realize until I walked out that the weather was going to turn cool and kind of damp. Anyway, while I was standing in line I had an envelope in my hand that had my name in big bold print. The envelope contained the paint color to my walls and was left by the builder. While I was checking out the cashier asked if I knew Elizabeth Gentle (I had on filthy blue jeans, a shirt with a hole in the bottom of it, flip-flops and no makeup). I told her I did know Elizabeth Gentle. The man behind me started to giggle as apparently he recognized me. Long story short once the cashier realized I had not stolen my own identity and the girl under the clean face and messy hair was really me, she immediately fist bumped me and told me how great I looked since I lost weight. I thought that was so sweet!!! So, thank you to the nice cashier at the Athens Lowe’s for noticing all my hard work 🙂

Backing up to Monday night, after we finished in the landscape mom, dad and I went to Logan’s for dinner. Man oh man it was delicious! You have to keep in mind what a long time it has been since I’ve really eaten a meal out (other than Mexican buffet). I ordered the grilled chicken with parmesan dressing, salad with ranch and a sweet potato (which I gave to my dad to go with his hot wings). The chicken comes with rice so I ate it as it was a carb to keep me full (and we ate early so that helped prevent any nighttime hunger). It was so good and let me tell you-worth every calorie I put in my mouth. I’ve been dealing with food burnout for a while. Mom thought going out for a meal and not worrying about what I was eating might help. She was right 🙂

In celebration of my last day off for a while I am firing up the grill. I’ve got some ribs that I pre-cooked by boiling them on the stove (cuts the cooking time on the grill down to nearly nothing and it makes the ribs soooo tender). I also made a pot of Cuban Corn. I have a friend who makes this stuff and it is sooooo addictive. I’m not sure mine turned out as delicious as Brad’s but it tastes pretty good. I’ve also got broccoli and tomatoes that I may add a little dressing to for a nice healthy veggie.

I’m taking tonight off from any major workout as I have done enough the past 2 days to leave me sore for a while. Tonight it’s tv and relaxing. Sometimes we work so hard that treating ourselves to rest is important. Making sure you take care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

See you back on the news tomorrow!



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9 Responses to Day 72 & 73-Working outside, funny moment shopping for paint, and finger lickin good ribs

  1. mystycl says:

    so are ribs an ok item? my hubby has been trying to follow along with you, (minus the exercise of course LOL) and i told him ribs were not good, was i wrong?

    • Ribs are like any other food-good in moderation. I boil my ribs on the stove for about 35 minutes. I take them off, let them cool down and put some spices on them and rub them in some low calorie BBQ sauce. A few ribs won’t hurt you and they are loaded with protein. If you eat the entire slab that could easily lead you over the edge of your diet plan 🙂 Remember–moderation is the key. Plus, eating something different from time to time helps move your body past any food burn out or plateaus.


  2. Sandra B says:

    What is Cuban corn? Recipe please.

    • Sandra-
      Cuban corn is the most delicious dish I have ever eaten! I would love to post the recipe only I don’t know all of the ingredients. I have a buddy that works for Decatur Fire and he makes this stuff a lot. He invited Lane and I over for dinner one night and we ate until we popped. I know it is grilled corn, cilantro, lime juice, cayenne pepper, chili powder, black pepper, feta cheese but I don’t know the last ingredient that makes it so wonderful. if I can get the recipe from him I will share. You won’t be disappointed I assure you. And it’s not hot like you might think just boots the flavor of the corn 😉

  3. M.M. says:


  4. M.M. says:

    I haven’t lost any weight! But I’m so happy, happy for you! Take care!!!

    • M.M.-weight loss takes time. What kind of diet plan are you on? What foods are you eating? Exercise? Maybe it is just making a few simple tweaks to your meal plan to help make all the difference. Don’t give up! You will do great!

  5. Darlene says:

    I have to ask, what is Cuban Corn?????????

    And what a fun time, got to spend all that quality time with your folks and then go out
    and eat………….super………………

    Blessings and keep rocking girlfriend,

    • Darlene-
      I have a good friend that works for Decatur Fire that makes this recipe. He made a batch a few months back and invited Lane and I over for dinner. It will knock your socks off it is so delicious!! don’t know the exact ingredients as he won’t share them with me ha! Basically it is grilled corn, feta cheese, chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, juice of 2 limes, cilantro–and some other ingredient I can’t figure out. Mine was tasty but nothing like Brad’s. If I can wedge the recipe out of his hand one day I’ll post it. :))

      I had a great weekend and looking forward to a short work week then time on the river Saturday 🙂

      Hope you have a good week too!

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