Day 69-Slowly making a come back, hot wings and fries, and Easter

Weight: 162.5

Starting weight: 184

Weight loss to date: 21.5 pounds

Exercise Thursday: none

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I’m glad the end of the week is finally here. After today, I’m off until Wednesday but don’t worry I will still post to the blog everyday. Don’t forget you can catch my “No Excuses” piece Monday morning on WAFF-48 News Today!!

In case you couldn’t tell from reading my post yesterday I’ve really had a difficult week with diet and exercise. I was telling my mom about it and she helped put things back in perspective. I told her I really felt like giving up but she reminded me that quitting isn’t an option. And, once again, she is right 🙂 I made a committment to myself and all of you that I would lose weight, help you lose weight, and get back to being healthy again. She did give me some good advice about taking a break now and then. Maybe that is what I need-a meal off. Not necessarily a day off from dieting because that can get out of hand and lead to overeating. I don’t want to undo all my hard work I just want a short reprieve. It’s kind of like being in jail and seeing the sunshine and blue skies out of your cell. The first thing that crosses your mind is “how do I bust out” but then reality sets in that crawling through razor wire for a taste of freedom isn’t really worth it. ha!!

Last night when I got off work I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to eat but I knew I had an overabundant amount of calories left. I found a bag of chicken wings and french fries in my freezer. That may sound like off-limits grub but it really isn’t, considering I have only had this once or twice while dieting. I put 6 chicken wings in a baking pan with very low-calorie hot wing sauce, 1 tsp of Splenda brown sugar, and the juice from a small can of pineapple. I baked those for 40 minutes. I counted out 18 french fries (120 calories. Good deal!) and baked those too. I had a squirt of ranch dressing on the side. It really was a good dinner and it fulfilled my calories for the day. That special little treat kind of helped ease my diet depression as it was something I enjoy eating but cooked in a healthy way.

This weekend is Easter. If the Easter bunny is paying you a visit this weekend remember those Peeps and Cadbury Eggs are sugary and loaded with calories. However, since Easter is only once a year why not treat yourself–just don’t go overboard.


Saturday morning Lisa and I will be going for a walk. Afterwards, I have an appointment to get my hair cut and highlighted. That is going to be my little reward for hanging tough! I might even indulge a little in some Mexican buffet.

Hope you all have a great Friday!




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6 Responses to Day 69-Slowly making a come back, hot wings and fries, and Easter

  1. Michele says:

    Congratulations for hanging tough! I had something happen the other day that flabbergasted me. I went to a different water aerobics class because I missed my morning one. The instructor welcomed me to class by leaving me a plastic Easter egg – with a chocolate bunny inside!!! Talk about sabotaging my exercise purpose! I gave the egg and bunny to a fellow classmate to give to her grandson for Easter and kept my diet intact.

    • Wow Michele-while I am sure it was a gesture meant in kindness by your instructor the point of aerobics is to work off calories. I’m proud of you for staying strong! Hang in there! We will make it through the torture and come on the other side looking great 🙂


  2. Darlene says:

    Have a Blessed Easter Elizabeth…can’t wait to see the haircut….

    Listen to your Mom, they usually have good advice….

    And let me know where there is a Mexican Buffet……

    • Darlene-Thank you! Hope your Easter is a good one too.

      El Mariachi in Hazel Green has a fabulous Mexican Buffet. We go on Saturday evening (buffet starts at 5 pm). Yum-o!


      • Darlene says:

        You are such a doll………….I don’t want to crack you up, but I don’t know where
        Hazel Green is, so will give that over to husband for him to look up…………thanks
        for the tip….

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