Day 63-Walk til you drop, fresh feet, and a well deserved lunch

I got up EARLY this morning and hit the greenway with my buddy Lisa. We walked 3.5 miles in 1:02:18. Not bad! We worked up a good sweat, had a good time talking and when it was over we were ready to collapse 🙂 We burned rougly 500 calories!! I made sure I ate a high protein breakfast before I hit the trail. I had a piece of diet bread with low fat cream cheese and peanut butter. This gave me the energy I needed to put one foot in front of the other.

After our walk I had several errunds to run in town, one of those included a full fledged pedicure. I deserve it for 2 days of bootcamp and exercising on my own. My feet and calves feels so much better. The woman who did my pedicure rubbed and massaged until I was almost asleep. It felt so good to get the blood pumping again. My feet are soft and pink now.

By the end of running errunds I found myself hungry as a bear. So like any diet nut I pulled out my fitness app, loaded in my walk and looked up calories for a Firehouse Sub Sandwich. I got the Engineer on wheat-NO MAYO (I also had them leave off the lettuce and onion-but I kep the swiss cheese :). I had a bag of baked chips and a soda…yes I had a carbonated soda. Don’t lynch me just yet…it was a Fanta Zero. A delicious orange drink with no calories. The fizz made me feel so much better as I’ve been struggling with food burn out. I needed to put something in my body that’s different than what I’ve been eating the last few weeks–maybe that will help me move past the 20 1/2 pound mark. I made sure I counted the calories, ate slow enjoyed every bite and in fact I didn’t eat the whole sandwich so I had a few extra calories left.

I’m trying very hard to get this pushup thing down. I can do it using the counter as leverage but doing them on the floor is impossible. The problem is my elbows don’t want to bend due to the fact I have no upper body strength. My goal this week is to do even 3 or 4 pushups on the ground. I am determined to conquer this.

I hope you all have a great Saturday! Get out and enjoy the day-the sunshine is wonderful!!!



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6 Responses to Day 63-Walk til you drop, fresh feet, and a well deserved lunch

  1. Olivia Spartan says:

    This is my first time reading your blog. It will possibly also be the last. From one writer to another, spell check is a wonderful thing. It’s available even on the free version of Microsoft Word (OpenOffice). Or just proofread your work. I proof everything, even FB status messages, prior to posting them. Errors make one look less than professional.

    • My apologies. I was in a hurry when I posted Saturday’s blog as I had many things to do that day. I hit publish without thinking. I have many wonderful followers who leave many positive comments. That is what this website is about, even if a word in error pops up now and then. Good day to you.

  2. Brandi says:

    While I tend to be a grammar police at times, I was so entertained (and motivated) by your blog, as always, that I must have overlooked the errors. You are incredibly well spoken (and written) and you are inspiring many with your blogs and your relatability. That is what is important. Have a great day and congrats again on the weight loss thus far!

    • Brandi-at least you are nice about it 🙂 From now on I’ll take that quick second to hit spell check. I get in such a hurry trying to post and cover news that I get a little behind on the important things.

      Thank you for your kind note!

  3. Lauren says:

    Keep up the good work Elizabeth! I enjoy reading your blog and think it is well written! Don’t let Negative Nancy’s get to ya! You are a brave woman opening up to all of us and the last thing you should be worried about is proofreading your work to make sure it is perfect! I’m sticking with the phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!” Have a good week! :-)P

    • Lauren-you just made me giggle with the Negative Nancy comment :)) I do need to hit the spell check button as I get in such a hurry sometimes. News is a busy business but good grammar is important.

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Have a great week too!

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