Day 62-Measurements, positive thinking, horse liniment, and a facial

Today’s weight: 163.5

Starting weight: 184

Total weight loss: 20.5 pounds

My weight seems to be holding steady at 20.5 pounds. I want to move out of the 160’s. It seems my weight has stalled and that is perfectly normal. It may be due to this week’s exercise routine. That got me to thinking I could be losing inches too. So this weekend I am going to get measured. I will post my measurements as I do my weight. I know what you are thinking…how could I possibly post my body size for the world to read? Apparently I have no real issue with humiliation. I mean, you saw how much I weighed when I started “No Excuses” so why not throw my measurements in the mix too, right? ha!! The last thing I want to do is get discouraged because I am not seeing results on the scale as much as I did in the beginning. That’s why I want to get measured to see if inches are melting away too. I know I will lose more weight it is just going to take time to get over the hump.

Last night, Dawn put us through one tough workout!! She is a phenominal athlete and trainer so I trust the pain she puts us through is for our own good. We walked from the downtown YMCA to the civic center, stopped and did some arm exercises then ran a flight of stairs. We then walked to the museum of art where we ran, did jumping jacks, pushups, ran some more, did more pushups. Then we went out in the middle of the park…you know to those rock dividers where they have trees planted. They look like concrete benches. We had to do step ups…over and over again. When we finished there we walked back to the sidewalk across from the civic center, did pushups, ran the stairs and walked back to the Y. I was beat but it gives you a good feeling of accomplishment when it’s over. As hot and sweaty and out of breath as I was when I fell into my vehicle from exhaustion I actually felt good about what I had done. Now let me throw in this disclaimer. I cannot do pushup’s for anything. I don’t have the upper body strength and I have a hard time unlocking my elbows. So I look like a log stuck in a timber yard because my body is so stiff. My goal is to everyday try to do pushups until I can do it, and do it well.

I have a bad habit of saying “I can’t” or “this is too hard.” I like to say I am a realist but I really need to get away from that way of thinking. I may not be able to do it well but I am giving it my best effort. The thing I like most about Dawn’s class is that she is super pumped and motivated. Even though I throw out the word “can’t” she reminds me it is unacceptable to say that. She is right. I am working to change my mentality because the way you think about difficult tasks and carry them through is just as important as dieting. The power of positive thinking is very critical for good mental health. I think I’ve let a lot of bitterness and disappointment through the years cloud my mind. I have a lot of things I need to let go of and realize I can’t control every little detail of my life. It’s best to turn it over to God and let him help guide me. He has never let me down. So let’s make it a goal this week to do away with “I can’t” and replace it with “I can.” Are you with me?

When I got home last night, I ate supper, took some Advil and rubbed down in horse liniment. Yes, you read that right…horse liniment. If you don’t have any and you suffer with sore muscles after working out run by the Co-Op and pick up a bottle. Turst me! It gets the blood moving in your muscles and it contains an analgesic (I believe the brand I use is called Absorbine). Liniment is used for relief of aches and pains, soreness, muscle strains and aches due to overexertion. When you rub it into your muscles, it cools and soothes. When I woke up this morning I had some soreness but nothing like I would have experienced without it. I have a generic muscle cream on right now and it doesn’t work nearly as well as the liniment-plus the muscle cream stinks 😦

I really want a massage and facial (I have never had one from a professional) but I have to buy car tags this month. As much as I would like to skip out on paying for tags to have some relaxation I don’t want to pay a ticket for expired tags. I really hate giving up something I want to do for something I have to do but such is a working woman’s life 🙂  So this month I am going to improvise to save money. While I would much rather have someone else with experience relieve my aches and pains and put the glow back in my skin I guess I will do it myself. Here are a few facial ingredients you can do at home to help improve your skin…remember taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your weight.

Avocado-gets rid of blackheads and dead skin cells that clog pores. Mash half a medium sized avocado in a bowl. Apply the paste on your face and massage into your skin. Leave on for at least 20 minues, wash off with cold water or wash cloth.

Strawberry and Honey-strawberries cleanse the pores getting rid of dirt and other harmful elements. Crush a handful of strawberries and mix the fruit paste with 1 tsp of honey. Apply the mixture on your face and massage into pores. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water.

Olive Oil and Sea Salt-this magical combo will restore flawless condition of your skin. Grab a medium bowl and pour 1 tsp of olive oil into it, mix it with 1/2 tsp sea salt. Wet your face and apply the mix on your skin. Massage in circular motions. Leave on for at least 3 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water.

Saturday morning I’m going walking with a friend. Buddy up and find something you can do together to get in some exercise. And remember the phrase for the week – I CAN!!

Happy Friday my friends!



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One Response to Day 62-Measurements, positive thinking, horse liniment, and a facial

  1. Darlene says:

    Just a question .. when you shop do you ever use coupons?? When I want something special,
    I get in my coupon can. When I use coupons, I put the money saved(the most ever was $22.50)
    at W/mart… a can. Just keep sticking my money in there, and when I get a full can/jar, whatever,
    I have the money for something I want.
    That massage and facial could be your special treat for when you break out of the 160 block…..
    Just sayin’, I KNOW you will get there…………and muscle weighs more than fat, keep that in mind.
    Blessings on you….

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