Day 60-Getting in shape, eating lunch out, and losing while snoozing

I feel awesome today! It’s amazing what exercise will do. Last night I took Dawn Hendrick’s boot camp session at the Y. We worked out at Big Spring Park. The weather was perfect-minus the gazillion bugs flying around. We did weights, medicine ball, some running, ab work and good stretches. I got a complete workout in 45 minutes. The one thing that I cannot do—but I will conquer—I cannot do a push up for anything but I think it is because I have zero upper body strength and I can’t seem to get my elbows to bend. I can do pushup’s using the edge of the bathroom or kitchen counter but get me on the ground and I lock up. It is a stumbling block I am going to have to push through (no pun intended). Hopefully I will be able to do that. I feel really good today and the only noticeable soreness is in my thighs. It is not enough that I can’t walk or sit down. That is great! No exercise program should leave you in so much pain you have tears in your eyes. I ate a high protein dinner when I got home and took a handful of Advil for dessert 😉 I think that helped relieve any soreness I might have suffered otherwise.

Now that I’ve lost 20 1/2 pounds I’m working toward my next goal of shedding 10 pounds. Now that I am to this point I may need to change up some of my foods and calories. The more exercise you do the more fuel your body needs. Last night I was extremely low on calories. I had over 600 calories left for the day!! I ate a good breakfast, lunch and supper but I did not eat nearly enough food. However, I was full and didn’t miss the calories but I need to get my daily intake. That sounds funny to say after all the junk I used to gobble down.

I didn’t pack my lunch today. I ate lunch out with my boss and a potential co-anchor for the 4pm show. I had baked chicken and vinegar slaw with unsweet tea.  So yummy and it didn’t kill my diet.  Remember, it can be a challenge to find something that fits into your calorie range when eating out but since I knew I was going to lunch today, I made sure I ate a high-protein breakfast but kept the calories just under 300. I can trade the one’s I saved for a little more lunchtime variety. Tonight will be baked chicken and steamed veggies.

Someone wrote in a few days ago and asked me if it was possible to burn calories while you sleep. I went out on the internet and did a little research. I found this article that explains that yes you can burn calories while you snooze. I’ll post the link for your reading enjoyment.

Not many people believe that the human body is capable of burning calories while sleeping. Though this is not a very effective way of getting rid of excessive calories, it does play a small part in the entire calorie burning process.

Hope you all have a fantastic day! Keep your chin up, smile and show off that self esteem. Don’t bury yourself in pity over your weight and body image. Tell yourself you can do it–and do it! 


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3 Responses to Day 60-Getting in shape, eating lunch out, and losing while snoozing

  1. cbwhite85 says:

    I saw you out at boot camp last night. You were looking good. But you should try the other bootcamp that was out there. You’ll be doing pushups in no time. I’ve lost almost 50lbs with my bootcamp. We’d love to have you!!!

  2. cbwhite85 says:

    I saw your bootcamp last night while I was at mine. (We’re the “rival” bootcamp, haha!) I wish you would come try ours out. I’ve lost nearly 50 lbs with mine. You’ll be doing push-ups in no time. I hope you’ll give us a try!

    • ha! I have no upper body strenght so push up’s are difficult for me but I plan to conquer that 🙂 I had a great time last night! First boot camp ever. Dawn is a fantastic trainer! I saw you guys working out too. Looked like you were having a blast while getting fit. :))

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