Day 58-The angels are singing, gardening, and a mouth like a desert

Weight: 163.5

Starting weight: 184

Weight loss to date: 20.5 pounds!

If my co-workers wouldn’t look at me like I was next in line for a room at the nut farm I’d stand up and sing “Glory Glory Hallelujah!” in the newsroom. I’m down 20 1/2 pounds! Can you believe how far I’ve come in 58 days? I started out at an overweight 184 pounds, unhappy, with the self-esteem of road kill. Today I feel much better about myself when I look in the mirror! I love pulling on clothes that haven’t fit in a long time. I enjoy going to the store and looking at new clothes that are a smaller size. I know spring is coming up and I want to buy some cute inexpensive clothes to wear (this girl doesn’t buy anything that’s not on sale!). If you haven’t joined in on some kind of diet plan what are you waiting for?

How many of you enjoy gardening? I love fresh vegetables and fruits. 2 years ago I planted a beautiful lush green garden. Out of all the plants I painstakingly laid, I think I had a few little tomatoes and one watermelon the size of a lemon. I did, however, have several squash-that is until rabbits laid into my garden and tore through it like something from the movie “The Slasher.” Last year, I planted a few tomatoes in a bucket. My “tommy toe” plant put out tomatoes even past the first frost. I’d walk by it, grab a handful and eat them while outin the yard (yes I ate them without washing them first. A little 7 Dust never killed anybody-maybe a few animals…I digress) This year, I’ll probably do my fruit/vegetable buying at the local Farmer’s Market or the vegetable stands on Highway 72. While I like planting my own stuff it is better to leave it to the professionals 🙂

I told you I was suffering from dehydration and leg cramps. So I decided to do some online research to see what could be causing the problems. I am on a 1500 calorie diet plan but I’m also eating a lot of high protein foods. Turns out that is what is causing me to thirst so bad I could fall off into a pitcher of ice water and drink my way out. Just beware if you are eating a lot of high protein foods be sure to drink a lot of water with it.

If you missed my “No Excuses” report don’t fear-it will be on again at 4 🙂 This week we take a look back from where I started, how much I’ve lost to date and how much futher on this weight loss journey I still have to go. Plus, I get my blood test results back this week. I plan to share those with you in my next “No Excuses” report.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday! Watch what you eat, be sure to weigh yourself, and don’t forget to give yourself credit for all your hard work! Dieting isn’t easy but when you have people pulling for you it makes the journey a lot less bumpy 🙂


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4 Responses to Day 58-The angels are singing, gardening, and a mouth like a desert

  1. BSmith says:

    Elizabeth, are you “counting” anything other than calories? Do you have a daily target for carbs, protein, fat, etc? Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • Rebecca-I’m counting all of my calories and keeping a tight rope on the carbs I take in. I’m also making sure I don’t over do the sodium. It takes a little experimenting but once you get it, no problems 🙂

  2. Jayne says:

    Elizabeth, do you solely use the *Lose it* way to monitor what you eat? If you keep a tight rope on carbs how many do you allow yourself? I absolutely love your postings. You are so honest and that is very helpful~ because of you I began on March 10 to eat healthier, drink water instead of those diet drinks I believe I was/am addicted to. I can tell a difference just since then in the way (not to give way too much information :-), my underwear fits. I do not feel as if I am trussed up like a turkey! thank you.

    • Jayne-I use the “Lose It” app only. It is by far not the only way to monitor your food intake but it is the one that works for me. Other people like My Fitness Pal and it is a really good app too.

      Here is how I gauge carbs. I stay away from anything white…no potatoes, no chips, no white bread, that type of thing. I can tell I gain weight when I eat those types of foods so I stay away from them all together. I eat light mayo but refuse to skimp on my salad dressing 🙂 I eat the regular stuff I just measure out 2 Tablespoons. If I get the hankering for something sweet, I keep sugar free mint cookies in my freezer. 4 of those have 130 calories. Not a bad way to end the day 🙂

      I gave up sodas and anything diet months ago. I still crave a fountain cold Coke but I don’t let it beat me.

      I’m very proud of you for joining me! That is great! You will really be impressed with your weight loss once you get started. If I can help in anyway please feel free to ask questions. I know how overwhelming it can be!

      Best of luck to you!

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