Day 55-Why I hate coconut, a good laugh, and Funyun Rings

Weight: 165.5

Starting weight: 184

Weight loss or gain: -1/2 pound

Finally!!! A little movement on the scales. I readjusted my calorie count and went back to high protein eating. Last night I baked salmon, talapia and cajun fillets (frozen from the grocery store, low in calories, high in protein and oh so yummy!) steamed brocolli and cheese in the microwave and fixed a fruit salad. That was a really good supper-healthy and guilt free!

So I mentioned yesterday about the coconut water. I took one big swig of it this morning-in anticipiation I would like it-but quickly spit it out in the kitchen sink. YUCK!!! First, I hate coconut. Second, the flavor, texture and smell was disgusting. I know some of you really like it and that is great! From reading the nutrition label it is really good for you but it must be an aquired taste.

I’m feeling better than I was yesterday. I was physically and emotionally drained. I let things get to me and when I hit my boiling point (which doesn’t take much) I explode like a firecracker on the 4th of July! I wish I had one of those laid back personalities but I have too much Gentle/Davis in me for that 🙂 So to unwind I got in bed and watched my favorite sitcom of all time-“The Golden Girls.” Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching that show. I’ve seen all of the episodes a thousands times and even own it on DVD but still think it is hysterical everytime it comes on! Sometimes we need a good laugh to put life back into perspective.

I love peanut butter. I mean I really love peanut butter. One of my favorite snacks is pretzels dipped in PB. I buy little “to go” containers of it to bring to work with me. I eat 1/2 of it one day, and 1/2 the next. It’s 125 calories for 1/2 a serving, 250 for a full serving. It has a lot of protein and keeps me from getting hungry late in the day. The pretzels are very low in calories. I get the thin sticks. You can have 30 of those for around 110 calories. That’s great!

I didn’t eat enough breakfast by far. I was hungry before it was ever time to eat lunch. Normally I eat a high protein breakfast of eggs, sausage and skim milk. Today, I woke up late, jumped in the shower, had to let my hair air dry (which looks rough right now). I had time for 1/2 cup of Cheerios with a few strawberries. It tasted good at the time, but was far from filling.

I’ve gotten to where I love to eat breakfast, where before I started my diet I would normally skip it or grab a bag of Funyun Rings on the way out the door. I love Funyun Rings-dipped in chocolate ice cream! My brother came up with that concoction when we were growing up. Oh my…Funyun Rings and chocolate ice cream is like caviar to rich people. Decadent and delicious! Don’t hate until you’ve tried it 🙂 (but let me encourage you to wait until you finish dieting ha!)

I don’t know about you but I’m digging the fact its Friday! Hope you all have a great start to the weekend!


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5 Responses to Day 55-Why I hate coconut, a good laugh, and Funyun Rings

  1. KJG says:

    I had the most amazing cupcake last night that was less than 100 calories. Thought I would share. You use a strawberry cake mix and a 12 ounce can of diet 7 up. Mix and make 24 cupcakes. Bake as directed on box. Thats right no eggs or oil or anything else. When cool top with Fat free Cool Whip and a fresh strawberry. It tastes sinful but only has 100 calories per cupcake. You can do this with any type cake mix. Chocolate Cake mix and a diet cherry dr pepper is sinful too. Have fun experimenting with cake mixes and different kinds of 12 ounce sodas.

  2. Darlene says:

    I didn’t like Coconut water either….to me it was like drinking soapy water…..
    I drink ZERO….88cents a bottle at W/m, the fruit punch or strawberry. The
    other flavors I didn’t care for. It is supposed to replenish your electrolytes
    with zero calories.

    I am trying the 500 mg. of Magnesium daily that one of your subscribers
    said her dr. suggested for her…hopefully it will work….
    I get cramps in my feet first, where the toes turn under, for this I stand on a
    ice pack or if desperate a bag of frozen peas.
    The calf is a lot easier to deal with, stand on the floor and lean into the wall
    stretching said calves out. Unfortunately for me, most of mine strike my
    thigh from the knee all the way up the inside rolling over to the top of the thigh.
    These, I am admitting are screamers sometimes… painful I am bawling like
    a kid.

    • Diane Simmon s says:

      As silly as this sounds when you get the “charlie horses” grab a piece of ice and hold it tight in your hand. Works for me and hubby. And now that the pesky stinging bees and hornets are out if you get a sting just take a copper penny and hold it tight on the sting and its gone.,

  3. Christina G. says:

    If you love Peanut Butter, you need to check out this alternative. It’s SO good (tastes just like regular peanut butter) and is much better for you. It’s called PB 2. It comes in regular and chocolate flavors. I bought mine from Amazon.

  4. Melissa Glaze says:

    You have to try the pretzel nuggets filled with peanut butter—SO GOOD! 9 pretzels have 130 calories, 7 grams total fat, and 2 grams of sugar. Perfect sweet/salty snack!!

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