Day 48-Losing and loving it, overcoming aggravation, and stick a pin in it

Today’s weight: 165 pounds

Starting weight: 184 pounds

Weight loss to date: 19 pounds



1 more pound and I will have achieved my second goal! I can’t believe I’ve lost almost 20 pounds!! It seems like only yesterday I was trying to squeeze my fat behind into clothes that clearly didn’t fit or flatter. How miserable I remember feeling. I was so self-conscious and worried what others might be thinking when I walked by. I would sit at the anchor desk and try to hide what was obviously spilling over the top of my waist band. On any shot that was full length I would hide my scripts over my problem areas. Not anymore! I proudly show my accomplishments off. It is a great feeling to not see fat rolls hanging off my back or puffy cheeks and a double chin. I am proud of myself, my will power, and my courage to take this step. I remember the day I saw my weight on the scale during that first “No Excuses” promo…184!! After the shock and awe of having that go public wore off, I remember thinking it is going to take forever to drop the weight. I had to change my way of thinking, my way of eating, and my way of looking at food. Today, I have a new attitude about my body image and my self esteem.

So many people struggle with weight loss. It is something, women especially, have to deal with (as if we don’t already have enough on our plate…no pun intended ha!). I am a humble beginner on the road to better eating, better living, and better health. I’ve learned through internet research and asking questions what will work, and what won’t work. I owe much of my success to the “Lose It” app, my friend Rhea and dietician Linda Steakley. Rhea introduced me to the “Lose It” app which has been an incredible resource. Linda taught me how to eat better, what foods to avoid and what foods are ok to eat in moderation. She met me with an open mind and was never judgemental of my former eating habits.

In the last 48 days, I’ve done nothing more than log my calories and make different food choices. I gave up fast food, sodas, white bread, potatoes, white rice and anything sweet. If I can do that, so can you. I’ve added in a little exercise and that has helped too. Don’t be intimidated by weight loss. Meet the challenge head on. Tell yourself you can look better, you can feel better, and you don’t have to be overweight any more. Be kind to yourself too. If you have a bad day, its ok. If you have a good day, reward yourself. Don’t be your worst enemy, be your best friend in this fight. I have complete confidence in all of you…and I know you can do it too.

Yesterday I had a long day. My emotions were drained by the time I got home. I let little things get under my skin which in turn pushes my aggravation button to the limit. In the past when I would feel frustrated or aggravated I would take it out on a big supper-complete with lots of starchy foods, go to bed, and watch tv. Now I eat a moderate amount of dinner, lean meat and veggies mostly, and try to fit in something active. We all have choices to make and we are responsible for the decisions that dictate our life. It is easy to take the low road and give in to our temptations. It’s a tougher climb to take the high road and stick with a healthy way of life. You have to make that choice. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather dig my feet in and climb 🙂

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I haven’t seen my parents, grandmother, and 2 cats in several months. I miss them when I don’t get to visit very often. I jokingly asked mom today if she was going to fatten me up with her good cooking this weekend. She non-jokingly replied, “NO!” ha! Good ole mom. She keeps me on the straight and narrow path.

Thank goodness for my one safety pin I own. My pants are too big in the waist and I had to pin them. That’s a good feeling. It beats using my seam ripper to let out the back end of my pants because they are cutting off the circulation to my brain! 🙂 I’ve always thought the best test for weight loss is in how our clothes fit. If you can’t button that jacket or shirt or your pants or skirt won’t pull over, up or on it is time to do something about it.

So if you haven’t yet decided on a weight loss plan or going on a diet what are you waiting for? Spring is here and it gets harder to hide the fat without that heavy winter coat. It is not too late to join me. I’ll be doing this for a while 🙂 Set your mind on a goal, stock your fridge with healthy low-cal foods, and get started along with me. You don’t have anything to lose but weight.

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5 Responses to Day 48-Losing and loving it, overcoming aggravation, and stick a pin in it

  1. Thanks for your inspiration…I appreciate your sharing your journey, which in turnhas encouraged me to begin mine. 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    That is awesome, Elizabeth! You should be proud–’cause it’s not easy! I have been using TurboJam for excercise and it is great for venting on a tough day 🙂

    Keep up the good work and enjoy this weekend with your family!

  3. Karen says:

    Great accomplishment Elizabeth. You are looking awesome and I thank you for inspiring and encouraging the rest of us! You go girl!!

  4. Karen McCullough Lovell says:

    Enjoyed your post. I don’t have much of an opportunity to see your journey and enjoyed this. The photos show that your face is gaining definition, which is a nice part of losing weight. I am finding that if I don;t buy the junk, I don’t eat the junk. I’ve been on a detox diet for 8 days that was prescribed by Dr. Chad Gilliam of Progressive Family Medicine. I thought I’d die the first two days and cheated a little. As things get eaten up by my husband, I’m just not replacing them with the same item but with a fruit or vegetable. I also think as we get a little light and don’t feel so sluggish, we want to get out and walk or do something. I also think it is difficult for someone who has never been overweight to understand that the person trying to lose must get over that initial hump to be sucessful.

  5. Sherry says:

    19 pounds in about 6 weeks is really doing great! Gives me inspiration to want to lose! Keep up the good work!

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