Day 41- Baggy bottoms, loose tops and what’s for lunch

Nothing feels better than a compliment especially when you are working hard to lose weight. While at the courthouse today several people came up and mentioned my weight loss. Thanks everyone for the support. I hope if you are losing pounds and inches someone has noticed and said something to make you smile. 🙂 I know I am proud of you!!!

My suits are fitting a lot differently post-diet than pre-diet. My pants are almost too big which can be as uncomfortable as pants that are tight. My jackets fit much better across my back and stomach and my shirts button down the front. Pre-diet only select buttons would close. Let’s just say it got drafty from time to time 🙂

Someone asked me to share my goal weight. I started this weight loss journey at 184 pounds. I would like to weigh 140-145 when it is over. So I have roughly 20 + pounds to shed. I’ll get there but like anything in life you want to achieve it takes time. Once this weekend is over, I will have more free time to focus on my diet progress and exercise. Plus, spring is just around the corner and that means warmer weather to play outside 🙂

Are you logging your daily calorie intake? Don’t forget the multitude of apps out there you can use. Most of them are FREE!

Here’s what I’ve logged so far today.

For breakfast:

1 slice diet bread toasted, 45 calories

1 wedge light cream cheese, 45 calories

2 eggs, 140 calories

1 cuo skim milk 83 calories

1 Tablespoon sugar-free strawberry jam, 10 calories

For lunch:

1 cup Cheerios, 100 calories

1 cup skim milk, 83 calories

1/2 cup strawberries, 23 calories

1 wedge Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese, 35 calories

18 pretzel sticks, 112 calories

1 serving Peanut Butter to Go, 250 calories


Muscle Milk, 100 calories

So that leaves me with 387 calories for dinner. If I decide I don’t want the peanut butter I can skip it. I bring it with me as a way to have a high-protein snack before I do the news at 4pm. It keeps hunger from gnawing at me. Notice I don’t have any vegetables in my diet. That will probably be my dinner tonight. I might have a salad with a small amount of dressing or turkey tacos with onion and tomato. A good “after supper” snack is sugar free Jello or 3 sugar free chocolate chip cookies.

So what did you eat for lunch? Maybe today was your cheat day. Maybe your co-workers brought in some tempting dish for their lunch. I snapped a photo of 2 lunches brought into the newsroom today.

One is a beef stroganoff dish from a local restaurant (yummy! smelled soooo good). I looked up the nutrition information….If you eat the entire bowl, that’s 508 calories, 31 grams of fat, 122 grams of cholesterol, 1499 grams of sodium and 33 carbs.

The other dish was a spicy oriental salad. The calorie count was lower at 284 calories, 135 calories for 2 servings of dressing, 911 grams of sodium and 10 carbs.

Don’t forget my “No Excuses” report running Monday morning on WAFF-48 News Today. This week we take a peak inside my pantry. 🙂

Also, remember to eat well, eat often, and watch what you eat this weekend. If you are at a plateau in your diet, maybe eat a few more calories one day and drop it back the next. That migh help shake things up 🙂

Have a great Friday!


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5 Responses to Day 41- Baggy bottoms, loose tops and what’s for lunch

  1. Amanda says:

    I too am on this weight loss train and I am so thankful of all the info you share. I was watching the Today show and on one of the diet segments the dietician said that it is better to have a cheat meal once a week rather than a cheat day because a lot of people take it too far and consume so many calories,fats,sugars,etc. that it would take days for your body to recover from the sudden overload

  2. Vickie says:

    I had to have an early lunch today (10:30) because a substitute teach. I had 8 slices of turkey, 27 Special K thin chips, and half a cup of strawberries. I don’t even miss the bread. I’ve lost 12 pounds in six weeks, and I agree slow and steady is a better way to lose weight. Thanks for your updates, I look forward to them everyday.

  3. M.M. says:


  4. M.M. says:


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